7 The Uniqueness of Mangrove Forest Karangsong Indramayu

7 The Uniqueness of Mangrove Forest Karangsong Indramayu

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Indramayu is not traversed by main line north coast or pantura. But its existence now continues to be the conversation of many people because one of the objects of tourism which is now a prima donna of tourists both from Indramayu and outside Indramayu.

Sightseeing is the Beach and Mangrove Forest Karangsong Indramayu. To get to this location is very easy. If you from Jakarta stay to lohbener continue to go to Cimanuk Bridge near the Great Mosque and Indramayu Square, you just turn left to follow Siliwangi Street will be met with a big gate Karangsong approximately 3 kilometers to get to the location.

While for that from the direction of Cirebon you can take the road from the roundabout crossroad turning to the right of Jalan Pahlawan, after that take Jalan Tambak. You just follow the road will later find the intersection and turn to the right approximately 1 km you will see the sea.

Access to the entrance of Karangsong Beach, the managers charge visitors based on non-per-vehicle vehicles, motorbikes only Rp 5.000,00 and car costs Rp 10.000,00. Vehicles are parked directly at designated places along Karangsong Beach.

You can see for a moment the beauty of the vast Java sea scenery and instantly feel the waves and beach sand. Now many small saung made of bamboo lined up along Karangsong Beach. This place can be rented for a gathering with family or friends.

Once satisfied to enjoy the view of Karangsong Beach, you get ready to the boat ticket sales near the river to the mangrove forest. The ticket price is Rp 15.000,00 per person. Passengers will be going along the mangrove forest with a small boat berpenumpang maximum 20 people. Before boarding the boat is advisable to bring supplies of drinks because in the forest there is no seller of drinks but remember the waste is thrown into the trash that has been provided by the manager.

Visitors will feel themselves down the river to the location of Mangrove Mangrove Karangsong. You just boarded the boat and through the forest will certainly feel like the people who were boarding boats in Sumatra and Kalimantan. For true security managers already provide buoys but rarely used because the location is not too far away.

After arriving at the boat stop, you will see a high viewing tower to enjoy the beauty around the mangrove trees from above, you will also see the birds fluttering to and fro over the forest. This place is certainly widely used by visitors to gather together, eat together and rest.

Not a bit of this place used as a selfie event, especially for teenagers who love to selfie ria. With the background of mangrove forest will certainly bring its own distinction. After that, they will be busy distributing to their colleagues through social media that he has come to Mangrove Forest Karangsong Indramayu.

Mangrove forest itself has many benefits for humans. Such as preventing sea water intrusion (seawater infiltration to land land), preventing coastal erosion and abrasion, prevention and filtering, living and food sources of various species of animals, and assisting the formation of the island and stabilizing coastal areas.

Mangrove Forest Karangsong Indramayu has its own uniqueness. The following :DSLR cameras. Photography enthusiasts will be free to take photos and berfotoria if it comes to Mangrove Forest Karangsong because the manager does not prohibit taking pictures using DSLR cameras or smartphones. Because there are some mangrove forest managers elsewhere that prohibit this for various reasons.
Can be used for pre-wedding photos. Mangrove forest Karangsong can also be used for photo prewedding, of course with permission from the manager as long as not interfere with other visitors who are enjoying Mangrove Forest Karangsong.
Place for the growth and development of various species of birds and wildlife. In the Mangrove Forest Karangsong is now a place to stop the birds from various regions not only from Indonesia but also from various countries at certain times and you can see the birds from the tower of view.
Can watch the tanker leaning. Mangrove Forest Karangsong has its own beauty because almost every day there is a tanker carrier fuel (Fuel Oil) leaning around Mangrove Forest Karangsong because the ships can not lean to Pertamina Balongan.
View of Pertamina Petroleum Refinery. Besides enjoying the beautiful beaches and mangrove forests. Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of Petroleum Refinery of Pertamina Balongan from the top of the existing view tower near the coast of Karangsong Mangrove Forest.
Managed by local people. Although the mangrove forest is funded by CSR Pertamina RU VI Balongan in cooperation with the Ministry of Marine Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia and the Government of Indramayu. But its management involves elements of the local community or Karansong.
Enjoying Shipbuilding Process and Fish Auctions. If you come from Siliiwangi Indramayu Road to Karangsong Mangrove Forest you can enjoy the ship building along the roadside to Karangsong Mangrove Forest. During this place shipbuilding is often visited by tourists there is a pinisi shipbuilding in Sulawesi. In addition, before heading to the Beach and Mangrove Mangrove Karangsong you will enjoy the atmosphere of people who are doing fish-selling at the fish auction.

So come that who has not come to Indramayu soon come and visit attractions Karangsong Indramayu mangrove forest.

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