7 These Features You Will Be Able To Be A Young Teacher

7 These Features You Will Be Able To Be A Young Teacher

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For some fresh graduates, even those who graduate from the faculty of education, being a teacher is not the choice of the main profession. Do not go far to find an example, my contemporary colleagues at the College of Teacher Training and Education that number nearly 500 people, maybe only 20% of his teachers, and even then sometimes not in accordance with the majors he took during college.

Not without reason, in addition to the salary factor, finding the right school according to the department during college is in fact not easy. Not a few of my fellow students majoring in Islamic Education (PAI) who eventually became teachers PKN, Indonesian, Javanese, and even elementary school teachers, because the vacancy becomes a religious teacher hard to come by. Well, for the lucky to be a teacher since college or even before that, being a teacher at a young age is certainly not an easy thing.

I myself started teaching first from the age of 20 when I was in college, at that time had to teach elementary-high school students in private tutoring institute. Being a teacher at a young age, when my friends of my age are active in private companies and state-owned enterprises with salaries of tens of times my salary, an increasing career ladder and so on, is a challenge to persistence in choosing this profession.

And for all who decide to choose this profession as the first and main career since being a fresh graduate, it certainly has its own sorrow that is hard to forget and can only be felt if we become teachers. Some things that can only be felt by those who choose to be a teacher though young, among many other profession choices are more lucrative:

1. Being a teacher at a young age means we will be involved in almost all school activities. Starting from the committee work of tourism, classmeeting, ceremony Hardiknas, persami, acceptance of new students even to the race of religion. There will be no missed activities without the presence of young teachers who (the seniors say) can still wara-wiri to and fro here. This is also a place to develop yourself and try new things that may have never done before, indirectly train the ability to organize as well.

2. Many students who sometimes just calling Mbak, Mas or Kak instead of Pak or Bu. This sometimes becomes excitement as well as peculiarities of its own because when the students used to call the teacher with the father or the teacher but when we meet even greeted with Kak. In fact this is not a problem as long as it does not reduce the authority in the classroom, because the students' age-related feelings can also be a separate capital for young teachers to more easily blend in with students and close to them.

3. Differences in mindset and way of looking at things with seniors. Senior or older teachers usually win on teaching experience and salt acid in the face of student behavior, while young teachers rely on not too distant age and IT skills and updated information and current trends among students who are typically less followed by senior teachers .

4. When hanging out with college friends or friends of your age, will often be called using the word "Mother Teacher" or "Teacher" while laughing. Not because the profession is funny, but being a teacher at a young age is one of the things that is pretty anti-mainstream lately. Especially if just a teacher honorer aka "GTT".

5. In the neighborhood, young people who become teachers will have their own authority. The neighbors and village elders usually respect the same youth who want to be a teacher. Of course the origin of a good teacher and can provide a positive example in the environment.

6. Anti "upset". Young age is usually vulnerable to a sense of confusion because of this. But at least being a teacher will minimize the feeling of excessive mood because want not to be a teacher means to appear prima and anti pout in front of the class. So if you're upset for some reason, it will definitely try to keep smiling cheerful. Especially if you've met the students with their cheerfulness, guaranteed potent medication!

7. Simple lifestyle. Become a teacher honorary especially in small towns or remote areas, certainly not promising income wah. This also makes teachers look different in lifestyle and appearance compared to those who work in leading companies. Although simple, the willingness to devote themselves to improving the education of this country certainly not a simple thing. It must be the teachers who started careers since they were young, or the young men who are now choosing to be smiling teachers read the above points. Hehe. Every profession there is of course art and grief, including being a teacher.At least 7 of the above represent what I observed and felt during this profession. How about father or mother of gentlemen? Has anyone experienced it too?

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