7 Things You Need to Know about Silicon Valley, the World Technology Giant Spots

7 Things You Need to Know about Silicon Valley, the World Technology Giant Spots

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You may already very familiar with the name Youtube, Google, Facebook, to Apple. Ever wondered not the same as their headquarters? Apparently the giant company is sheltering in the same area, namely Silicon Valley.

Just imagine an area where people gather behind the big business that dominates almost the entire world. Well, very big yes. Well, hence Hipwee this time will discuss about Silicon Valley. Let's know more about this legendary area.

1. Silicon Valley is not a fictional land. It is located in California United States. More precisely in San Francisco

Silicon Valley is the name for its southern San Francisco Bay Area, California United States. You could say Silicon Valley is the world's technological capital. The term is indeed appropriate, given Silicon Valley is home to many information technology companies from startup to long-standing. The Silicon Valley area covers many areas, including Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto and Sunnyvale. Interested to visit it?

2. The name Silicon Valley was first coined by Ralph Vaerst. What do you think it means?

That sparked the name Silicon Valley is Ralph Vaerst, a successful businessman in California. While the first to bring it up in the mass media is Don Hoefler, who is none other than a friend of Vaerst. The article in the form of a series entitled Silicon Valley in The USA was first published on January 11, 1971. However, the name of Silicon Valley new ngehits really in the 80s.

Why Silicon Valley name?

Silicon is the material used to make commercial semiconductor products. Because in the region there are many companies involved in the semiconductor and computer industry, then the name Silicon Valey!

3. Silicon Valley is a place for the company's dream of young people. We can find the giant classmates Google, Facebook, until Youtube there

This area is home to many leading technology companies. Call it Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Youtube, until Apple and HP are based there. If by chance you have a chance to visit Silicon Valley, unfortunately if not to take pictures in front of the campus of Google or Facebook! Well, though maybe you can not get into it, at least you can selfie in front of him. Hehehe.

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