7 This Game Most Causes Controversy Due to an Inappropriate Scene

7 This Game Most Causes Controversy Due to an Inappropriate Scene

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Video Game is so popular among the various community from children to parents though. Therefore, various developers competing to present video games with various genres to be played by various circles. Not a few games that are successful worldwide and reap many benefits.

However, among the various games that can be enjoyed by the Gamers, there are some games that cause controversy because the scene is considered inappropriate. From too cruel to pornography. Here are 7 games that cause controversy because of inappropriate scenes. Is your favorite?

7 This Game Causes Controversy Because of Inappropriate Scenes

1. Fear Effect 2 Retro Helix

Game console PS-One is considered very disturbing for the parents of children who love playing games. How come? The first scene alone has shown about the journey to hell with the terrible demons encountered on the journey.

Parents consider this game very misleading and inappropriate to play especially for children and adolescents. In addition to the journey to hell and horrible demons, another scene of this most controversial game is the scene of a lesbian encounter in the elevator.

2. ManHunt

ManHunt can be regarded as a game that teaches the most heinous murder methods with a very realistic look and is likely to be imitated by players. In one scene is shown a fat man who was killed by sawing and cut parts of the body splattered everywhere. The politicians and media criticize all-out games from Rockstar Games and demand that this game be revoked from circulation.

3. Mortal Kombat

If you are a fan of this one game, you must know that there are many brutal and inappropriate scenes featured in this game. One of them is a murder scene where a person's head is crushed with blood spilled. Parents do not want their kids to play this game because it does not educate and show brutal and horrible scenes.

4. BMX XXXThe game made in America BMX XXX invites controversy because of the fulgar scene that is displayed. Combining sexy women and bicycles, this game features inappropriate scenes of unlined women modeling the style with a bicycle. Instead of succeeding in attracting the sport of bicycle enthusiasts, BMX XXX was refused to be sold in cassette stores and not allowed on PS2 except after going through sensors first.

5. Resident Evil 5

Although popular and popular with many people, Resident evil 5 in fact leads to controversy because of the cruel and brutal killings and negative depictions of Africans by one of the characters. Due to the cruel scenes and negative depictions, Resident Evil 5 is considered racism and has a scene that is not worth showing.

6. Far Cry 3

Far Cry received positive reviews from the players on the previous two series. However, Far Cry 3 even reap the controversy because the scene that shows the male character groping the body of a woman who leads to the sex scene. In addition there is also a ruthless murder scene that is displayed with realistic graphics to look so real.

7. Rapelay

This Japanese game is created as a sex simulation where the players are required to complete the mission of raping the girls. Of course this game reap the controversy and criticized many parties. United States also prohibits the sale of this game because it is considered inappropriate.

Well, that's 7 games that cause controversy because of inappropriate scenes. As a Gamers, choose a quality game and deserve to be played. There's no point in wasting time playing games that just plunge in the wrong direction. What do you think? Are the games above still worth playing?

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