7 Tips on organizing private gardens

7 Tips on organizing private gardens

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Gardening is one of the perfect hobbies performed by men and women of all ages. Having a beautiful garden setting is also always an interesting topic to be listened to.

For those of you who love gardening and have a large enough land, you can beautify your garden with some tips quoted from the All Women Stalk below.

Get rid of weeds with mulch
Mulch is a plant cover material that serves to keep soil moisture and suppress the growth of weeds. You can get mulch from a gardening shop. Before applying mulch, you can close the field on an empty line between plants with small tears of old newspapers.

Fences can also be used as decoration
Fencing the garden area usually serves to protect the plants in it from animals or human ignorant hands. But there is no harm in designing a fence with a wider size and plant a few vines that thrust around the fence.

Create a small pond in the middle of the park
Ever seen shishi-odoshi, a fountain in a Japanese fish pond made of bamboo? Nothing wrong you try to apply it in your private garden. Creating a small fish pond in the middle of the garden with a fountain is also able to give the impression of a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Cover the hole with a mound of dirt
Before gardening, make sure your land is in an equally flat state. Do not rush to buy land to cover the holes that are on your land. Walking around the house may help you to find some areas with mounds of dirt. You can also take some parts of the land to be covered in hollow land.

Planting crops lasting throughout the year
Once the flowers in your garden are blooming, there will be no other scenery other than the green in your garden. Try to plant some cypress bushes. The plant keeps your garden looking "contained" even though no more flowers are blooming.

Let some weeds grow
You can experiment to let the weeds grow in your garden. But remember, lest the weeds become dominated plants in the garden. If you do not like this idea, you can also grow plants instead of flowers to beautify the garden, such as moss, fir shrubs, and ferns.

Do not be extravagant
Sometimes a hobby makes a person become self-forgetful and willing to spend enough in the hobby for it. You may also spend money to buy new plants or other treatments. But still be careful in managing finances and not to extravagant. You must have another primary need that is more important than spending big money for gardening.

In addition to the 7 tips above, do you have any other ideas to beautify your private garden? [riz]

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