7 Tips to Save Fuel Use

7 Tips to Save Fuel Use

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Gong officially subsidized fuel oil (BBM) increases. The government set the price of premium due to diesel fuel and rose by Rp 2,000 to Rp 6,500 per liter and diesel fuel increased Rp 1,000 to Rp 5,500 per liter.

This policy will certainly ignite the concerns of many parties, especially for the owners of vehicles, both cars and motorcycles.

No need to struggle with the confusion caused by rising fuel prices. Here are some tips to save fuel usage steps such as launching Fleet News page, Sunday (6/23/2013):

1. Stop Driving

Talking is easier than doing, and doing business without driving is almost impossible. But you can replace it with video or conference call. That way, you can also save time and increase the contents of savings.

2. Ride in a friend's office

If you and some colleagues are heading to the same place for a meeting, use only one vehicle.

Three people in one car with the same goal will save two-thirds of the fuel cost to be spent.
Riding a coworker's vehicle can also save on going and going from work.

In addition, the money saved can be used to pay for parking.

3. Drive more efficiently

Smooth driving can save more fuel. Setting the speed when driving can save more fuel usage, because not much gasoline is spent when you hit the brakes and restore speed.Changing the gear to the higher will drain more engine oil.

Other factors to consider include removing objects that impact on the vehicle's aerodynamic efficiency. In addition, you also have to be more selective in using air conditioning vehicles in order to save fuel your car.

4. Take care of your vehicle

Checking and caring for your vehicle on a regular basis can save you money. Maintenance of the machine every week can save the amount of fuel on your vehicle.

5. Change the vehicle fuel type

Do you feel you are using the right and appropriate fuel for your vehicle? For you long-distance rider, diesel is the right choice.

But for short-range riders, gasoline can be a wise choice for your vehicle because the price is cheaper.

6. Use energy-efficient tires

When car manufacturers produce energy-efficient vehicles, fixing the type of tire is a major concern.

The tires have friction resistance due to rotation, thus, the tires will rotate more easily and can reduce the amount of fuel consumption.

And when you realize that 20% of your vehicle's fuel consumption runs out because of its tire rotation, then replace it with other tires that only spend 3% of all your vehicle fuel consumption. (Igw)

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