7 Your Signs Are In an Unhealthy Workplace

7 Your Signs Are In an Unhealthy Workplace

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Most of the workers spend at least 40 hours in the office for a week. Even for some professions, office hours can be up to 50 hours a week. Most of the time you spend with team members and co-workers.

To stay productive and inspired in the workplace, the quality of your work environment is more important than you realize.

So if you find yourself in an unhealthy working condition, be prepared to escape. The reason, unhealthy work environment can be very disturbing your performance.

Well, what kind of unhealthy work environment, quoted from JobSteet, Tuesday (2/1/2018), the following are signs of unhealthy work environment:

1. The bureaucracy is too complicated

Does it take weeks to get a signature on the purchase of a simple office stationery? Bureaucracy is very detrimental to efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

2. Controlled by Others

Did you find your boss pulling your neck all the time? Perhaps he insisted on getting a copy of every email regardless of relevance. Being controlled by a superior or someone else can be very destructive to motivation, and also it is not effective.

3. Always Prioritize Advantages

Businesses need to make a profit. But when the boss constantly exploits the cost of cutting and improves the profit margin, treating quality as the umpteenth thing, it's easy for employees to feel uninspired and indifferent to the job.

4. Choose striking loveWhether it's politics, racism or other prejudices, favoritism has no place in any work environment. In addition to sowing disputes among staff, treating some employees better than others without good reason also undermines the integrity and authority of the manager.

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