70 Percent of Environmental Damage from Mining Operations

70 Percent of Environmental Damage from Mining Operations

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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com About 70 percent of the environmental damage in Indonesia is caused by mining operations.

This extractive industry easily overrides and outsmart rules that conflict with its interests, including Law Number 32 Year 2009 on Environmental Management and Protection (PPLH).

"In fact, Law No. 32/2009 is considered as a barrier to investment, and it is not surprising that the law is being ignored and gradually strengthened," Priyo Pamungkas Kustiadi, Media Communication and Outreach of Mining Advocacy Network (Jatam) said here on Friday (9/28/2012).

Almost 34 percent of Indonesia's land has been submitted to corporations through 10,235 mineral and coal mining permits (minerba). It does not include large-scale plantation permits, oil and gas working areas, geothermal and excavation mines C.

Coastal and marine areas have also escaped exploitation, more than 16 reclamation points, sand mining, iron sand, and Newmont and Freeport tailings dumping sites.

Similarly, our forests, at least 3.97 million hectares of protected areas threatened mining, did not escape the biodiversity in it. Not only the forest, our river was sacrificed. The number of degraded watersheds (DAS) has increased in the last 10 years.

Of the approximately 4,000 watersheds in Indonesia, 108 watersheds were severely damaged. ESDM is considered to be abandoning this destruction and being paid with the death of the citizens, land degradation, and changes in the economic pattern of the community.

Considering this condition, Jatam insisted that the Energy and Mineral Resources shall be subject to Law No. 32/2009 and not interfering with the Ministry of Environment, immediately stop the mining business license and evaluate the company destroying the environment, closing the mines immediately in the forest area to withstand the rate of power damaged mine.

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