76 Hectares of forest on Mount Bromo are burned

76 Hectares of forest on Mount Bromo are burned

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The fire that burns the forest in the area of ??Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) has been completely extinguished. The total forest area burned in the area reached about 76 hectares.

Head of Field Management of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) Region 1, Fariana Prabandari said, the whole fire has been extinguished since Tuesday (12/9) night. The last fire fighting was done at two points namely the Mendongan Block and the Ox Curve.

"It's out of all," said Fariana Prabandari when contacted from Malang, Thursday (14/9).

According to Fariana, a total of 76 hectares covers Pasuruan area of ??14 hectares, Probolinggo area of ??32 hectares and Malang area of ??30 hectares.

The burning Pasuruan area includes Dingklik Resot Pananjakan block spread over Mendongan covering 3 hectares, Pakisbincil covering 3 hectares, Mungal area of ??5 hectares and Bukit Kingkong covering 3 hectares.

While the burning Probolinggo area consists of the Savana Block – Tengger Laut Resort spread over 30 hectares of Savana and Andan Andan area of ??2 hectares.

While the burning area of ??Malang include Watugedhe – Resort Coban Trisula spread in Watugedhe area of ??25 hectares and Jemplang Area 5 hectares.

Fariana appealed to people not carelessly throw away a cigarette put that can cause a fire. Because other than due to the dry season, the alleged cause of fire due to cigarette statues and fireplaces or bonfire.

"We urge people not to engage in activities that can cause fires, not to throw cigarettes indiscriminately or leave fireplaces, and people do not burn the land until it is uncontrolled," he said.

In order to anticipate similar incidents, it continues to do counseling either directly to the public or through the web and social media. It also regularly patrols by involving several parties and officials. [gil]

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