8 Beautiful Nail Art Creations You Can Create Yourself Without Need To Go To Salon

8 Beautiful Nail

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Make a perfect appearance girl is like praying 5 time or to church on Sunday. The law must be done, if not the master who has the appearance will get a big sin. All aspects of appearance should be considered: from clothes, makeup, hair style, to nails that must be in a plenary situation.

As the times progressed, nails were no longer simply decorated with plain colors only. There have been many artistic and creative artistic nail creations scattered everywhere. Starting from the hard and must be made in the salon, to the easy and can be made yourself at home, as will Hipwee give to you this time. Curious what the nail art is? Check it out, yuk!

1. Pinstripe Nail Art: Pretty Lines For Your Letters

Making your nails pretty like this is not hard, really. In fact, this is one of the easiest nail art you can do at home. You only need 4 types of nail polish only, namely:

base nail polish or base coat (usually white)
pastel nail polish
bright nail polish (pink, yellow lit, or other matching colors)
top coat.

Once all the paint is ready, let's begin to decorate!

First, coat all your knees with base coat. Wait until it is completely dry.
Then, coat again with your pastel paint. You can use 1 or 2 different pastel colors, according to taste.
When it is dry, new deh start to make vertical lines by using bright colored nail polish. For good results, make sure you choose the right blend of colors so it does not seem to hit.
Let the paint dry, and do the finishing process by coating your nail with top coat.

Done, deh!

2. Create an Abstract Painting in your Nail Art With Splatter Paint Art

Nail art this one, surely will not fail to make you look very artistic. Your tails will look like abstract paintings of beautiful painters. And fun again, how to make it is not difficult and does not require special skills. You just need to provide a base coat or white nail polish, 2 any color nail polish, top coat, and the ultimate weapon: 2 pieces of straw.

How to decorate it:Coat first your nails with a base coat or white nail polish. Let stand until completely dry.
So that later the paint is not messy, protect the boundary between the nails and the skin of your hand using tape. This step is just for easy cleaning, no problem if not done.
Pour 2 colored nail polish that you will use; can be in the container or just to the table that is based on plastic only. Pour just enough.

Dip a straw into the nail polish, then blow it slowly onto your nails. Repeat to each nail and use different straws for other colors.
Once finished, clean the remnants of paint that stick around the nails using a cotton bud.
Wait for the paint to dry and then brush the top coat as the perfect beauty of your kin.

It's easy, right? No need to fear will fall apart, because the more messy it will be more artistic.

3. Your Screen Can Also Di-Ombre With Gradient Nail Art

Now, not only your cake and hair can be ombre. You do not want to lose a beautiful case to be decorated in the same way. Prepare 2 nail polishes with different colors but can lead to beautiful gradations, such as peach and pink or sky blue and pastel blue. Then, prepare also top coat, toothpick, and any sponge.

Steps to decorate it:

Cover your nails with the base color paint. Choose the youngest of the two nail polish you use. Let dry for a moment.
Pour 2 nail polish onto a table that has been lined with plastic. Pour just enough and put at a close distance.
Mix the two nail polish right in the second meeting. This method will produce a beautiful color gradation. Use a toothpick to mix it.

Dip the sponge into the nail polish mixture.
Apply the sponge to your knees by slowly pressing, such as when wearing face powder. Wait until dry.
Repeat the steps above 1 more time to further highlight the color gradation you have.
Once dry, apply top coat on top of your decorated nails.

Yeay! Your nails are adorned with a beautiful gradation-ombre color, deh.

4. 4 Colors In 1 Nail? Can Dong, With Colorful Thin Stripe Nail Art

Have 4 colors in 1 nail? Not impossible, really, with this one nail art. Indeed, you need more effort, because you need 4 nail polishes with different colors and certainly combine well. But, the results you get later is also very satisfying, really.To decorate it, you need to set up:

4 nail polishes with different colors
striping tape; can you get online or in beauty shops
top coat.

Once everything is ready, divide each of your knees into 3 sections. Paint the three sections with 3 different colors. Wait for the paint to dry out, then follow these steps:

Stick the striping tape on each of your knees. The shape and amount is free, according to your taste and creativity. Make sure the striping tape is pasted over your fingertip, so that it will be easy to release.

Cover your nails with unkempt nail polish. Let her striping tape coated.
While the paint is still wet, immediately remove the striping tape that sticks to your kin.
Let the paint dry and coat the beautiful color with top coat.

So, 1 nail has 4 colors is not impossible, right?

5. Newspaper Nail Art: There are newspapers printed on your finger

Newspapers or newspapers not only give you a lot of information, but also can make your nails pretty in an unusual way. How to? First, you need to prepare whatever is needed:

white or pastel nail polish
alcohol to taste, pour into small containers
old newspaper
top coat.

Then, color your entire nail polish with the base color you have selected. Allow for a moment to dry completely. After drying up, begin the steps to decorate your nails with the newspaper. What you need to pay attention is to finish the process first on 1 nail, then move to another nail. Here are the steps:

Dip your knee into alcohol for about 3-5 seconds
Stick the newspaper you have prepared to the top of the nail. Tap-tap the entire surface of the nail slowly. Let stand for about 5 seconds.Pick up the newspaper and see if the letters are printed well on your nails. If you have, seal your nails with top coat as finishing.
Repeat the steps on the other nails.

Not difficult, right? After this, your kitten must be the most unique among your friends.

6. With Map Nail Art, you will not get lost again

Not just a newspaper that can be printed beautiful on your knee. A long and unused travel map or atlas you can also use to decorate your nails. The steps you should do are the same, really.

First, color your nails with white or pastel nail polish
After drying, dip into alcohol for 3-5 seconds

Paste the map onto the nail and squeeze it gently across the surface
Let stand for 5 seconds, then finish the process by giving top layer coat on your kin.

Done, deh! You will not get lost again.

7. Marble Nail Art: Artistic Styles Natural Stone Stones For Your Kits

Just like splatter paint nails, this one nail art can also make your kitten look so artistic. But there are two key terms, you must choose 2 colors that blend well and prepare clear plastic bags as a tool of his.

To decorate it:

First, color your nails with white nail polish. Let stand until dry.
Pour 2 drops of paint from each color onto your knee.Wrap the nails with clear plastic, then mix both colors with the help of plastic.
After mixed, dry for a moment the nail. Then, seal with top coat.
Repeat on the other nails.

If it had been all, your kitten would not be less beautiful and artistic than the paintings in the gallery. Hehehe

8. Brushed Nail Art: Beautiful Nails Instantly With Brush Brush

Nail art this one is also not easy to easily be made from other nail art. You only need 3 different color nail polish, top coat, and also a watercolor brush to make it.

First of all, paint your whole kitten with the paint that has the youngest color. After drying, paint the other 2 colors by using a watercolor brush in turn. Sweep from the same direction, for example from right to left or from left to right. Once everything is swept, let your nails dry up. And lastly, polish the top coat as a protective paint of your nails.

That's 8 beautiful nail art creations that you can try easily at home, without having to go to the salon. Do not forget to invite your friends to be creative with ya so that more exciting. Good luck!

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