8 Best Successful Chinese Smartphones In The World 2016

8 Best Successful Chinese Smartphones In The World 2016

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Many mobile phone vendors are scattered not necessarily make the quality of mobile phone products from the country bamboo curtain is bad, it is now they are increasingly competing to get the heart of the consumer. We must have realized that China's best smartphone product has dominated the smartphone market in Indonesia. Mobile phones made in China are able to compete because the price is cheap but consumers still get a luxurious phone spec. The strategy of Chinese products is also applicable in some countries in the world.

Of the many smartphone products, each vendor from China also has a product that became their mainstay. Their flagship smartphone this time is very awaited presence, including in Indonesia. Vendors from China have also proven if their products are also able to compete in the Android phone market.

1. Oppo R9S

Of the many products Oppo, this model is the latest and more eagerly awaited by consumers in several countries including Indonesia. This best Chinese smartphone has just been officially launched in October 2016 in Beijing, China. After the previous variant of R9, this Oppo R9S will try again to be the next successor. In Indonesia we know the Oppo R9 variant with the name F1 Plus.

2. Huawei P9

Many reviews have sprung up to talk about this variant of the Huawei P9. The best China China 2016 includes a high-end series from Huawei's mobile phone output. What is more highlighted on this variant is the feature of photography, with dual camera made by Leica, this phone has a powerful weapon to lure its own customers. Design and body of the model Huawei P9 is also worthy of praise. Although not yet officially slid in Indonesia, but Huawei P9 has been introduced in Huawei Soyhern Pacific event which took place in Bali. About price and when the release, the Huawei can not be sure.

3. ZTE Axon 7

The best Chinese smartphone, ZTE Axon 7 features Snapdragon 820 processor technology, 4 GB RAM, and a 20 Megapixel main camera. These specifications show the seriousness of ZTE phones to break down similar variants in its class, such as Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S7. This phone is already sold in China and the United States. In Indonesia itself is not clear when the certainty?

4. Xiaomi Mi5

Products from Xiaomi also have their own flagship smartphone, and one of them is Xiaomi Mi5. HP China 2016 has the best technology Snapdragon 820 processor, 3 GB RAM, and 128 GB internal memory for the Pro version. Xiaomi Mi5 mobile phone much in demand because of its dashing specifications at an affordable price from similar models of superphone.

5. Meizu MX6HP China's best 2016 has been equipped with processor Deca-core Helio X20 made by Mediatek. The technology is claimed to increase the performance of 80% more powerful and 50% more energy efficient. Meizu MX6 is only priced 2,000 yuan, or about Rp4 million, cheaper than its predecessor the Meizu Pro 6.

6. LeEco LePro 3

This Chinese mobile phone competes with the showcase chipset processor that has brought the technology Snapdragon 821. With these technologies, LeEco LePro 3 can compete with the latest Apple smartphone is the iPhone 7. Not only that, one of China's best HP 2016 is also equipped with RAM 4 GB, and battery with a capacity of 4070 mAH. This variant phone has also been officially released in the United States with a price tag of about USD400 or about Rp5 million.

7. OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 is equipped with 6 GB of RAM. With spec the price of OnePlus only priced around USD399. Although the price is affordable, the specification of the best Chinese smartphone is also equipped with high-end technology. By carrying Snapdragon 820 processor technology, 64 GB internal memory, and 3000 mAH battery size makes OnePlus 3 become one of the row of Chinese mobile phone that is able to rule and compete with other models. OnePlus has indeed left Indonesia, but we can still buy it overseas through the official online site.

8. Vivo Xplay 5 Elite

One of the best China China 2016 is designed similar to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Vivo Xplay 5 Elite equipped with 6 GB RAM size and Quad HD screen. Curved screen on both sides is the main attraction of this phone. In addition the Xplay 5 Elite specification is also capable of overall, with Snapdragon 820 processor technology, 128 GB of internal memory, and other advantages, this phone entered the ranks of high-end and able to compete to dominate the Android phone market. Vivo Xplay 5 Elite is priced at 620 euros, or about Rp9 million. For a row of Chinese mobile phones, the price of this one phone is quite expensive.

That is the best Chinese smartphone row that can dominate Android phones in the world today. The presence of several mobile phones can be juxtaposed with a row of high-end phones from other leading vendors who first successful such as Samsung, Sony, Apple, Motorola, Asus, and others.

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