8 Characteristics of Illness from Acne Upper Place. Yuk, More Thorough For Our Health!

8 Characteristics of

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Do you know? Our bodies are connected to all sorts of different paths in order to perform their functions properly. Every organ in our body works together to ensure that we are always healthy and happy. That is why, if there is one part of the body that is sick, then the impact will appear in other body parts, and is considered as a sign.

It's the same with acne. It turns out this annoying little thing does not just stick around. Acne also brings signals that parts of organs in our bodies are in trouble. Well, the mapping of acne positions based on health disorders is adapted from the ancient medical theory in China. Each point on the face surface is connected to a particular organ, much like the points on acupuncture.

Here Hipwee Tips describe the information, as reported by the Daily Mail based on research conducted by John Tsagaris, Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and exposure by Dr. Michael Shapiro, as a dermatologist in youbeauty.com. Check out carefully, yes!

1. Acne on the forehead: disorders of the digestive system due to fat deposits and lack of sleep

Acne that grows on the forehead indicates that there is a disturbance of the digestive process in the body because it consumes too much fat. This condition is also due to lack of sleeping portion of the night that allows the process of digestion so not smooth. When we sleep, the digestive system works according to its function, so if we lack of sleep it will be disturbed also the process of digesting this food.

Reduce fatty foods, fast food or processed foods, multiply nutritious foods, fruits and vegetables.
Drink plenty of water regularly, avoid sodas and caffeinated beverages. Choose green tea as an alternative to neutralize toxins in the body.
A regular night's sleep before 23:00 for 7 to 9 hours per day.

2. Acne between the eyebrows: related to liver health and allergic reactions to certain foods

Acne in this position signifies the work of the heart is too much to remove toxins in the body. This is because too much consumption of alcoholic beverages, oily foods and milk-based. It can also be caused by allergies to certain foods.

Reduce consumption of oily foods, milk and alcohol. Replace by consuming lots of vegetable protein sources such as tofu, tempeh, mushrooms, almonds, broccoli, and avocados.
Light exercise like walking around regularly for 30 minutes every day.
If necessary, consumption of a good supplement for the liver.

3. Acne around the eyes and on the ear: Your kidneys are disturbed by dehydration

The skin around the eyes is connected with the kidneys. Allegedly you have interference with this organ. The cause can be due to dehydration due to lack of drinking water, smoking, coffee consumption, soft drinks, sweet foods or drinks, and excessive salt consumption or less quality. Similarly, acne around the ear is also closely related to kidney problems.Drinking water at least 8 glasses per day, more is better.
Reduce caffeinated beverages, soft drinks, sugary foods or drinks, and smoke.
Change the consumption of table salt with naturally processed salt of the ocean.

4. Acne in the upper cheek area: the respiratory system is disrupted due to cigarette smoke and air pollution

Smoking habits and exposure to cigarette smoke could be the cause of disruption of the respiratory system. In addition, air pollution and respiratory-related allergies such as asthma can also be the cause. Acne that appears in the area of ??the upper cheek is a sign of how your lungs are exhausted from working too hard to filter the air.

Stop smoking or avoid exposure to secondhand smoke for passive smokers.
Avoid polluted places, always use a mask so that your breathing is not disturbed.
If you have allergies such as asthma, avoid things that trigger disruption of your breathing like dust, cold air, prohibited foods, and so forth.
Expand eating good green vegetables to help cleanse the lungs.

5. Acne in the lower cheek or jaw area: dental and oral health disorders, especially those involving the gums

The area of ??the lower cheek or in the jaw that is often acne is related to dental health, especially those associated with the gums. There may be tooth decay, infection, or after dental treatment to a doctor.

Brush your teeth regularly every morning and before bed.
Diligently cleaning teeth from stains or plaque attached.
Avoid sweet foods and drinks, cold or hot food, or anything that leaves stains on your teeth.

6. Acne on the nose: heart and vascular health problems due to blood pressure or cholesterol

You who often pimples in the nose, you should check your blood pressure. Most likely this indicates there is a problem in the heart due to high blood pressure or cholesterol, protein or vitamin B deficiency.

Consumption of foods containing protein and vitamin B, reduce spicy foods and reduce consumption of red and salt meat.
Do regular exercise, multiply fresh air in the morning
Expand to eat fruits, vegetables and foods that contain omega 3 such as nuts, avocados and fish.

7. Acne around the mouth: there is a hormonal change or a prolonged stress effectThis location is a zone that indicates that you are experiencing stress or are undergoing hormonal changes. The cause sometimes can not be avoided, especially when girls are in the menstrual cycle. In addition, the body's hormones are out of our control.

Afternoon break enough.
Reduce the burden of the mind with meditation or relaxation so as not to trigger stress.
Drink plenty of water, multiply eating vegetables and fruits, and a balanced diet.
Exercise regularly and keep skin healthy to keep it clean and moist.

8. Acne on the chin: problems in the stomach, especially the intestinal organs because of poor digestion

Increase fiber intake, with fruit and vegetable consumption or wheat.
Drink plenty of water regularly and herbal tea to help smooth the digestion and get rid of body toxins.
Exercise regularly and sleep on time.

Well, that's some point of the appearance of acne that you need to pay attention to. If acne continues to appear in the same area, then you should improve the cleanliness in the area of ??the skin. Hopefully useful, yes!

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