8 Cities In The World That Ever Drowned And Recovered

8 Cities In The World That Ever Drowned And Recovered

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Citizen6, Jakarta Global warming, rising sea levels, tsunami waves, volcanic eruptions, are some of the causes of a sink or disappearance. Uniquely from some drowned cities, there are cities that are re-discovered due to natural events or accidental discovery. Here are 8 cities that once drowned and re-discovered.

1. Thira City Sinks 3500 Years Silam (Location between Greece and Turkey)

The city of Thira is the capital of the Minoan kingdom, drowning nearly 3500 years ago. Aegean sea dives between Greece and Turkey have rediscovered the historic city. It is located on the seabed, in the lagoon of the island of Santorin which used to be a volcano as high as 1500 meters above sea level.

According to George Pararas-Carayannis, Director of the International Tsunami Information Center in Honolulu, this city has been fairly high. The buildings, there are one-story, two and three. Inside were found many Minoa artifacts and household appliances. But the human skeleton, nothing found there. It is possible that the inhabitants of the town of Minoa were familiar with the alarm system before the volcano erupted, so they had enough time to evacuate from the island.

2. Alexandria City, Drowned 1600 Years Ago (Egypt)

The city is drowned by the earthquake and tsunami that hit the area. The city of Alexandria is the home of Cleopatra, the famous Egyptian queen. The city also witnessed the history of Cleopatra's relationship with Julius Caesar, Marc Antony and Octavius, all of whom were high-ranking Roman Empire infatuated with by Cleopatra.

Although immersed for 1600 years, but traces of luxury palaces in Alexandria can still be found by archaeologists. Reportedly, there are about 500,000 homes involved immersed in the terrible disaster at that time. Also found 25 sphinx, statue of the gods also statue of Cleopatra. Other discoveries were the shipwreck and red granite pole, a statue of Cleopatra's father's face, King Ptolemy XII.

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