8 Creations of Sold Recipes Prescription Not Sold in the Market. Fairly Create a Food Business!

8 Creations of Sold Recipes Prescription Not Sold in the Market. Fairly Create a Food Business!

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Have you heard the menu of meatball penyet? The full recipe is here!

Almost all people who live in the land of Java and surrounding areas who know the name penyas. This food menu consists of rice and side dishes with a unique presentation, pressed-pressed side dishes with ulekan sauce to a little sauce penyet, then served with fresh vegetables. No wonder, penyet be a good choice to fill the hungry stomach.

Especially for boarding children, penyet is definitely there in their daily menu choices. Various choices of side dishes offered as well as the distinctive taste of the sauce make the tack so desirable.

Well, if you usually consume a lot of that-that's all, Hipwee Tips have a recipe creations that are not usual, ya. You can make your own at home or in the boarding house for your daily meal choices. Or, perhaps you are interested in developing this recipe into a small business idea? Who knows? Let's just listened to the following recipes

1. If usually fried bakwan just for snack, why not try for side dish penyas?

You know, bakwan? That you know, fried made from a mixture of wheat flour and vegetables. Well, this time try deh kreasikan fried bakwan this be a dish penyasan. No less good with tofu or tempeh tart!


1/2 carrot fruit, sliced ??matches
1/4 cabbage, thinly sliced
5 tablespoons of wheat flour
10 tbsp rice flour
Enough water
Salt to taste
Powdered broth to taste
Right amount of oil

Chili sardines:

2 pieces of red chili
5 pieces of cayenne pepper
1 tomato
1 clove of garlic
2 Spring onions
2 grains of pecan chili
1 tbsp groundnut
Salt to taste
Right amount of oil

How to make:Mix wheat flour, rice flour, salt, powdered broth, and water, mix well. Add the vegetables, stir again until blended.
Heat oil, fry bakwan dough until cooked, then remove.
For sambalnya, fried first red chili, cayenne pepper, tomatoes, onion and garlic. Once cooked, direct the tuna with other spices, dissolve it with a little water and mix well.
Tap-press bakwan with a tap of chili sauce, serve.

2. Have you ever heard the omelette? Let's try to make Dadar Tahu Sambal Kencur!

Among you may already have to eat omelette tofu, it's just that you think the omelette is the usual omelet. Well, omelette knows this is actually a combination of eggs with white tofu or mashed tofu, then fried. It feels almost the same as the omelet, the difference is the texture is more subtle and dense.

Omelette tofu:

2 chicken eggs
1 fruit tofu, puree
1/2 onion, finely sliced
Leaves onion to taste, finely sliced
Pepper powder to taste
Powdered chicken broth to taste
Right amount of oil

Chili Sauce Material:

2 pieces of red chili
5 pieces of cayenne pepper
1 clove of garlic
2 Spring onions
Kencur to taste
Salt to taste
Lime juice to taste

How to make:

Enter all ingredients omelette, shake off until the egg bubbly, stirring until evenly distributed. Dadar with low heat until cooked, remove.
For the sauce, wash all the spices, then ulek until smooth, add lime juice.
Tap-press omelet tofu with ulekan gauze kencur, serve.

3. Do you know the sauce penyet? Look and feel much different from the usual sambal penyet you eat. We try with catfish, yes!

If usually the penget is identical with the sauce and fresh vegetables, this sauce dish penyuk served with yellow santan sauce flavored spicy spices with a mixture of tomatoes and basil leaves in it.The ingredients are:

3 pieces of fresh catfish
1 pack of instant coconut milk

Softened seasoning:

10 pieces of cayenne pepper
6 cloves of red onion
2 cloves of garlic
3 cm turmeric
1 grain of pecan
2 tomatoes
2 stalks of lemongrass
1 bay leaves and orange leaves
Lengkuas to taste
Sugar and salt to taste

How to make:

Clean catfish, seasoning salt, coriander and turmeric that has been mashed. Then fry until dry.
Blend spices except tomatoes. Galangal and lemongrass do not forget digeprek.
Saute the finer spices, add tomatoes and chili, bay leaves and orange leaves. Saute until fragrant.
Instant Santan is divided into 2 parts. 1 part is more dilute and 1 part more viscous.
Pour the thin coconut milk on the spicy seasoning that has been fragrant earlier, wait until boiling and then enter the fried catfish. Add sugar and salt.
If the sauce has shrunk, add thick coconut milk, stirring until boiling and immediately turn off the fire.

4. Because the meatball sauce is too ordinary and the penyak always-that's it, who wants Meatballs Penyet?

It seems not many stalls that provide penyet meatball menu penyet. Hmm, it can be a business. Make it easy too!

The ingredients are:

10 pieces of cow meatballs or fish, fried until cooked
2 pieces of red chili
5 pieces of cayenne pepper
2 onions
1 clove of garlic
Terasi and salt to taste

How to make:Blend the chilli spices, then serve with meatballs that have been fried dry.

You can also sliced ??small meatballs and then press-tap with a sliced ??bag ulekan. Hmm, really good!

5. Who says shrimp is just delicious cooked oyster sauce and sour sour course? Feel first this Sambal Sambal Basil shrimp!

Should you choose shrimp that size mini, at least not the size of one thumb. Let's taste more chili sauce so.

The ingredients are:

10 pieces of mini shrimp
2 rounds of curly red chilli
5 grains of cayenne pepper
1 tomato
2 cloves of garlic
1 clove of red onion
Salt, shrimp and sugar to taste
Basil leaves to taste
Oil to taste

How to make:

Cut and fry garlic, onion, chilli, shrimp paste and tomato until wilted. Ulek sambal spice until smooth, then add basil leaves, rough ulek.
Serve with cooked shrimp.

6. For those who are not familiar, eel process is difficult. But I feel eel Sambal Ijo is steady, anyway

In some areas, eel has become one of the favorite culinary healthy, it is said this eel can treat skin diseases and rich in protein is good for health, you know.

The ingredients are:3 eels, cut into pieces
Salt and lime juice to taste
The oil for frying

Chilli sauce:

5 pieces of green cayenne pepper
3 pieces of green chili
3 cloves of red onion
2 cloves of garlic
Sugar and salt to taste
The oil for frying

How to make:

Soak the eel in brine and lime juice, fry until cooked.
Fry onions, garlic, green chilies and green chilies until wilted, then finely ground with salt and sugar.
Serve fried eel with sambal.

7. Anchovy is common. Try dong, Teri Goreng Penyal Sambal Kecak. Want to keep adding!

Anchovy is one type of fish that has a high calcium content. The high calcium content of the anchovy is what causes anchovy can be used to prevent bone loss. Wahh, just found out. Let's go straight to the recipe!

The ingredients are:

250 gr anchovy, wash it
1 orange juice, take the water
Salt, wheat flour, and cooking oil to taste

Chili Condiments:

7 pieces of red chili, roasted
5 pieces of cayenne pepper, roasted
5 cloves of shallot, burn
2 cloves of garlic, roasted
1 segment of ginger, burn
1 segment kencur, burn
Terasi and sugar to taste
50 ml thick coconut milk
Salt to tasteHow to make:

Spread anchovies with lime juice and salt until smooth. Let stand for approximately 20 minutes until the spices soak.
Dip in flour, then fry with hot oil until cooked, remove and drain.
For chili sauce, puree all ingredients into one (except coconut milk) until soft. Add the cooked coconut milk, stirring.
Put the fried anchovies on top of the sauce, then the penyet. Teri goreng penyet sambal pecak ready to be served.

What do you think? Worth a try, is not it? Instead of a message that does not change change, mending you try to make yourself with creations that are not both of these. Good luck!

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