8 Differences in the Eastern Mindset of Mind We with Westerners. Check Deh, Bener No!

8 Differences in

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Have you ever been confused while looking at the behavior of foreign tourists who come to Indonesia? Mainly the Caucasian Caucasians who really hooked the streets alone. How come they walk alone? What is delicious try ?. Maybe that's what comes to mind when you see a lot of bule-bule who travel all the way alone to Bali or Jogja.

But that to you is surprising that it could be a regular thing for those Westerners. The only problem lies in the difference in mindset between you who are East and those who are Westerners. Well let me better understand each other, ya Hipwee News & Feature love illustration differences in mindsets of the East and the tourists from the West.

1. What is common to you to know is the matter of punctuality. At 10 o'clock, Westerners will arrive on time. We? Well half an hour away is yes

2. Lifestyle cases, Westerners tend to be more independent. While the East more prioritize gotong-royong

3. Therefore, in expressing his mind, the West is more flattened and unceremonious. Well we? Hesitate to pay attention to people's feelings

4. Causes emotional outbursts are different. Westerners are honest with their feelings, while we prefer to cover up what we feel

5. Westerners have an ego whose gedenya naudzubillah. While the East, tolerance champion!

6. In facing any problem his mindset is different. Westerners tend to fight problems, we prefer to avoid them

7. When traveling, the tendency of Westerners is to enjoy the moment of travel. While we are more focused to perpetuate it

8. But to be honest, Westerners are easier to set up. While we are told to queue is difficult

The illustration above is just a general picture anyway. Surely the person's behavior and mindset are different. There must be some easterners who do not like to be late, or Westerners whose hobbies are lazy. But the differences in these characteristics become famous because there are different cultures. Not that one is right and one is wrong. The difference is simply the result of a different way of life. Yes as much as possible taken positive from each other alone, let our lives much better. If there is something that does not match, yes do not need to be emulated but still need to be respected. Hopefully the picture can make you better understand the mindset of Western people yes. Let me not be surprised to see them behaving strangely in Bali or Jogja there.Other Helpful and Entertaining Articles

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