8 How to cope with allergies in cats

8 How to cope with allergies in cats

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The desire to keep the cat is usually dashed because someone realizes that he has an allergy. If you also have a similar experience, consider how to cope with allergies in cats as quoted from the following Third Age.

Air Purifier
Air Purifier is a household device that serves to filter contaminated air. Installing an Air Purifier is recommended for those of you who want to cope with allergies in cats.

Diligent cleaning
Never lazy to clean the house if you have allergies. Make sure every corner of the room is clean. In addition, change the sheets every two weeks, although the cat is not allowed into the room.

Dust absorber
Various types of carpets, chairs, and sofas are absorbing dust. You can replace the entire furniture or always clean it every week. Thus, you will avoid allergies to cats.

Anti allergic pillows
Choose a pillow for sleep that is anti allergic. For example pillow made from dakron or other synthetic. That way you can sleep soundly without any interference from allergy symptoms.

Cat sand
In addition to pillows, sand for cats also need to be considered kind. You can also ask the other family members at home for the task of cleaning the cage and the cat sandbox.

Bathing the cat
Once a week, bathe the cat. In addition, do not be lazy to comb the cat so that the coat does not clot. Keeping the cat clean and fragrant is one way to overcome allergies.

Cats need to be vaccinated to avoid deadly disease. But if the owner is also susceptible to allergies, you should also take the vaccine as well to prevent allergies. Unfortunately, this treatment does not always work.

In addition to vaccines, you can also take certain medications to cope with allergies in cats. Consultation with a doctor is recommended to prevent consumption errors or overdose.

That's some way to cope with allergies in cats. Hopefully your pet cat and you are always healthy. [riz]

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