8 Inspirations Sharing Fashion Moments Brother Hadid Sisters, Teeth and Bella!

8 Inspirations Sharing

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Fashion lovers where the hell who do not know the same Gigi and Bella Hadid, American supermodel brothers whose celebrity status can not be denied again. In addition to being famous as a supermodel, they also often attract the attention of the media as brothers are familiar and often go everywhere together. Even more interesting, they always wear super stylish clothes and matching each other. You and your brother or sister can really make them inspire in dress.

Twin motif with your sister? Choose different motifs but similar like floral motif (foliage) and fauna (leopard) a la Gigi and Bella

Twin motifs with your sister can be a bit challenging, especially when you both wear bold motifs like a tiger motif. If not careful, you might think members of the trio of tiger you know.

Let you and the Mbak not look like going to hunt prey together, mix two different motives but matching. For example, floral and foliage motifs, flora and fauna motifs, or polka-dot graphics motifs and boxes.

Shiny versus matte. The twin types of clothes are allowed, as long as each personality remains radiated

Teeth and Bella Hadid are often seen twin types of clothing, and this time is a jumpsuit. Although both wear jumpsuit, they always know how to make it different and matching simultaneously. They play smartly with their personalities. The more cheerful and cheerful teeth choose to wear glamourous glamourous jumpsuit. Bella is more calm and elegant choose a plain black jumpsuit without sheen that is suitable for luxurious appearance.

You and your sister can be twin types of clothes with textile materials vary according to your individual personality.

Both wear mini skirt anyway, but the tooth is more sporty while Bella is more elegant

Twin twin skirt the same brother is really funny impression. But, you also should be able to display your own style of each. Identical Tooth with Sports Illustrated magazine also emanated from the choice of mini skirt look. Pieces of a sporty mini skirt with full motifs and textures increasingly look athletically combined with sports shoes or white tennis shoes.

Bella is more synonymous with high-fashion magazines such as Vogue also elegant telrihat with her choice to combine platform shoes and mini skirt with Audrey Hepburn's neck slit.

Yin and Yang, Angel and Devil. The opposite white color but the harmonious is always a beautiful choice for twin with the big brotherYin and Yang, different but complementary, it's a good philosophy for a sister. You can apply the philosophy in your dress style as did the Teeth and Bella Hadid.

Teeth look sweet and like angels with flowy white dresses that look smooth and soft. To complement it, Bella looks harder and sexier with a black dress hugging her body, let alone combined with heels shoes with a pointed tip that seemed to shout femme fatale.

Casual with skinny jeans ala the Hadid Sisters when sporty style meets the sexy Rockabilly style!

You and your sister may be equally unable to live without skinny jeans, but you two will always be able to use the clothes in different ways in your daily life. Teeth look very sporty with a blend of blue jeans and white tops, but did not escape the impression of a typical glamor Gigi with the addition of a loose boyfriend blazer and sneakers shoes are glowing.

Bella, the younger brother, was not less cool with the look of her rocker girl. His black skinny pants look cool combined with shirts, leather jackets, and black boots that look contrasted with pale white skin and his sexy red nose. So, although casual, does not mean you have to forget the details on the clothes right?

The game of hard and soft (In denim and knit) in dressing makes you and your sister really compact and inseparable!

In addition to Yin and Yang, Black and White, and also Flora and Fauna, you and your brother can play with the concept of hard and soft in choosing clothes. Gigi chooses the look of the hard with a synthetic shirtdress match that looks sexy combined with long black boots. Bella also compensate with a soft look that is a blend of feminine dress made of knit or knitting. This hard and soft game is so cool to be a compass inspiration for you and your sister!

Looks compact by selecting the same color palette, like Gigi and Bella that look cool in black, white, and blue

It seems clear enough that choosing the exact same color palette can make your look and your brother look compact!

Duh, whichever brother, where's the sister? Not look with the age-swipe styling tricks ala Gigi and Bella this one

Surely here you would not have thought if it turns out Gigi is the big brother, while Bella is the younger sister. The reason the sister looks very young and dapper with a mixture of pants and crop top belel again emang again really hits now. While Bella, the younger brother, looks more mature with a long-sleeved min dress elegant. That way, the older sister looks younger and the younger sister looks older. They also meet in the middle and it is difficult to distinguish which brother and sister.Indeed style of Gigi and Bella is sister-goal really hell? Next time you want to go out with your brother or sister, do not forget the inspiration from this Hadid brothers yes!

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