8 Myth of HP Android Battery that You Trusted Wrong (Part 2 – Completed)

8 Myth of

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Let's continue the discussion of the myths of the wrong battery. If you have not had time to read part 1 of this article, you can see it through the following link: 8 Myth of HP Android Battery that You Trusted Wrong (Part 1). Previously we have discussed 4 points, meaning through this part 2 article, we will discuss 4 more points about the battery of your favorite smartphone.

Myth: Task Manager Can Extend Battery Life

No, the myth is not true. Not only task manager, aplikas-applications that claim to be a battery saver also most can not help you in saving battery. In fact they actually become one of the ringleaders in the decline in smartphone performance. Task manager is already installed on every HP Android, but its main function is actually only for monitoring media of any application that is running, whether it runs in the foreground or background.

If you think that your HP Android RAM is full, it's actually a good thing. Filled RAM indicates that it is accelerating certain processes that are running, because those applications run through super fast storage (RAM). If there is a large application you want to use, but the RAM is full first, then Android will automatically set aside previous applications occupy the RAM but not active. So new applications to be opened can get adequate space. Remember, it all runs automatically, and no additional apps are required.

Myth: No Need to Turn Off the Smartphone. Turning off the Smartphone Will Only Damage the Battery

Some people still believe that the latest smartphone does not need to be turned off. All that's no reason anyway. Actually it's okay if you turn it off. Every component that is in the smartphone would have different endurance right. What's wrong to give them a break, considering the ever-active smartphone is not always useful right?

Myth: Turning off WiFi. GPS, Bluetooth Can Save Battery

The more sophisticated the more efficient. That is what we must instill in our mindset. GPS can we leave it on lho, because it runs in the background and is only active when there are applications that need it. Other features are similar, they will use a low resource when not in use. Especially at this time Bluetooth 4.0 is energy efficient is present, and you can enjoy it without having to run out of power on the battery.

If you really want to save battery life from your HP Android, then the screen is the most important factor of all. The screen is the most energy-intensive chart and you can save it by simply dimming it or setting the timeout of the screen.

Myth: Calling and Using the Internet Can Drain Batteries Quickly

No mistake, the above statement is not wrong. However, we must be aware that the most extravagant activity against the use of smartphones is through gaming and other activities that require graphical processing. All that includes streaming video and online games that you've been playing for. So if you're playing CoC and the battery quickly runs out, do not suddenly blame the activities of calling or browsing on the internet yes.Those are the 8 myths of smartphones that we have divided into two parts. Perfection belongs only to God so if we make a mistake, do not forget to comment through the comment field below yes. Have a nice day!

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