8 Things That Can Make Your Computer Damaged Within 6 Months

8 Things That Can Make Your Computer Damaged Within 6 Months

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A durable computer is everyone's dream. It feels if you have a computer with qualified specifications and durability of the old components that can increase confidence and productivity. But, have you been treating your home computer properly? Or do you even put a big risk so that your computer has a short life possibilities?

Through this article, we want to tell you about 8 Things That Can Make Your Computer Damaged Only Within 1 Year Only. If you do not want it to happen, read this article until it runs out.

8 Things That Can Make Your Computer Damaged In Just 1 Year Only

1. Bad Ventilation

All computers and laptops require a qualified air vents. It seems almost no computer with a casing without air holes, because it requires a good circulation for the sake of a maintained hardware temperature. Most of us pay less attention to this problem, by placing the computer in any place and position. In fact, the computer needs enough space in order to absorb cold air and throw heat from inside. Positions such as under the table or facing the wall is a position we should avoid.

2. Stacking Dust

There is ventilation, of course there is a fan anyway. A good computer must have a cooling system that's okay too. Equipped with constant running fan with clean ventilation. As time passes, the fan will surely be filled with distracting dust. Where did the stubborn dust come from? Of course because you keep under the table filled with dirt or you choose the animal hairy and feathers are scattered throughout the room. The impact of dust that accumulate is certainly obviously will reduce the performance of your computer because the temperature of the hardware becomes uncontrolled, and tends to increase.

3. Cables that are loose / damaged

This is what we like to ignore, the quality of the cable inside the computer. Try to admit, you never pay attention to the cable that milling about in PC right? In fact, this cable has a big share in shortening the age of your computer if not maintained properly. Wires that are loose or even damaged by a mouse bite can threaten the safety of the entire PC, as it opens a large gap against water entry, or a zipper.

4. Electricity Spike

Some homes are in an unstable network position. Sometimes electricity has a voltage that fits, sometimes suddenly drops, and may soar high due to natural events such as lightning. Computers that are directly connected to the switch in the absence of a stabilizer have a very high risk to damage the hardware inside. Electricity that drops suddenly and periodically can damage the component, let alone sudden voltage spikes.5. Electricity Die

This is also one of the situations that many people already know that a sudden power failure can kill hardware slowly. The most perceived loss of this situation is the hard disk because of the possibility of data loss and component malfunction. SSDs will also feel the same risk, given that these components are related to sensitive data storage.

6. Battery Leaks

These tips are specific to you who use laptop. We've already made some articles that discuss about how to take care of battery from laptop in article titled 5 Tips Caring for Non-Removable Laptop Battery Let More Durable. In addition, you also read about the controversy handling laptop battery, whether the battery may be removed from the laptop or not through an article titled Should I Replace Battery From Laptop To Be More Durable ?.

7. Physical Damage

Your PC ever slammed or crashed when used? It's no secret yes if the condition is certainly a big risk. The most threatened components when your computer is experiencing major shocks are the HardDisk and optical media such as DVD ROM, because the component has a moving part in it. If there is a shock that exceeds tolerance, then the risk of friction in it will be large and damage the entire component. Sure there is now a HardDisk in the form of SSDs that have no moving parts in it, but menggncang computer abnormal course still risky right?

8. Software Disorders

Make no mistake, software that is problematic but still running, or even a virus also has a big role to reduce the age of your computer. Virus or problematic software will take a large resource, and activate the processor hard. This results in hardware such as RAM and processors becoming easier to heat and lower their endurance.

That's 8 points about anything that can make your computer damaged in just 1 year. Are there any forgotten points? Do not forget to share your experience in the comment field below yes.

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