8 Ways to Save Electricity When the House Behind Lebaran Mudik

8 Ways to

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta – The current electricity bill is a hot conversation for the warganet. The reason, the transfer of subsidies to the lower classes really felt that made the electric bill swelled from the usual.

There are many ways to save electricity so the bill does not swell. Especially when the house is left homecoming. In order for electricity bills are not getting bigger when left homecoming, here's how to save electricity when the house is left homecoming.

1. Unplug all unused equipment from the outlet

Bad habit when leaving home is not to revoke electronic equipment such as TV, radio, mobile phone charger to dispenser. When the standby condition, electronic equipment still consume electricity, although small.

If the plug habits are not revoked precisely slowly and do not feel will make electricity bills getting swell. Especially when in the situation of the current basic electricity tariff increase.

2. Empty the contents of the refrigerator and turn off during homecoming

This idea may be quite extreme. However, it is very important to let the refrigerator break during Lebaran holiday. Your refrigerator will never die for 24 hours. It's time for your refrigerator to rest at once cleaned of the smell of food that has been stored for months.

Be sure to process all the food that is still there so as not to waste. If it is still feasible, you can give to the needy. Especially if giving in the form of food that is ready for consumption.

Separate items that can still survive in normal room temperature conditions not exposed to direct sun exposure. Resting the refrigerator during Idul Fitri is one of the major actions in saving electricity.

3. Unplug the water pump plug

To avoid unexpected leaks when the house is left homecoming, it is better to unplug the electric pump during its abandonment. Worrying if a water pump leak does not turn on automatically continuously as long as the leak has not been repaired.Water leaks in the tap must also be quickly replaced before leaving for homecoming. Because the water that has been accommodated in toren will be wasted. Although the leak is small, but if left during mudik in a few days will definitely reduce the flow of water in toren.

4. Unplug the AC power plug

Unplug the AC power plug or switch off the switch to not suck the power when left homecoming. AC is one of the electronic devices that require the most electricity in addition to iron. Especially if at home you have more than one AC.

The habit of performing routine maintenance such as three monthly AC wash will also help better AC performance. Rarely cleaned air conditioners should work double because they are blocked by dust and dirt stored inside the AC filter. Automatic electric power used will be even greater.

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