9 Biggest Hacker Attacks During 2016

9 Biggest Hacker Attacks During 2016

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This year the action of hacking or hacking more rife happening. The target was not indiscriminate, even targeting technology companies and government agencies. Jaka has summarized nine hacker attacks or the biggest security of 2016 at this time.

Starting from Yahoo, the threat of ransomware malware, to DDos attacks against internet networks that crippled large sites. Some of them are not fully solved yet. Curious? Reported from PC World, following the case of the largest hacker attacks 2016.

Largest Hacker Attack 2016

1. Yahoo

In September, Yahoo shocked the world when it revealed that at least 500 million of its user accounts were hacked. At that time, many judged that it was the biggest data theft hacking case of a technology company.

Worse yet it turns out the case occurred in 2014, but only revealed this year. This means that hackers have access to user information for years.

That's just warming up, in mid-December yesterday, Yahoo again revealed that 1 billion user accounts have been leaked in a different hacking action that occurred around August 2013.

2. Ransomware Malware Rampant

Not long ago, the city's transport tariff system (Muni Fare) in San Francisco, USA, has been hacked. Hackers infiltrate malicious software called ransomware into the system and ask for ransom.

So far ransomware is still difficult to tame. Worse, it is very difficult to be able to completely block the device from being exposed to ransomware.

The only way to secure data from ransomware attacks is to backup data. That way, if the data on the computer is exposed to ransomware, you can still access the data because it is backed up.3. Dyn DDOS

The next stirring hacking action is the attack on the internet network with the Dyn server which is the biggest attack. Dyn is the company that controls most of the domain name system (DNS) infrastructure.

As a result, major sites such as Twitter, Guardian, The New York Times, CNN, Reddit, Netflix, and many others, fell upon the Distributed Deniel of Service (DDos) attack.

4. Distributed Guessing

Credit card security is not guaranteed as you think. Researchers at Newcastle University in the UK are finding techniques to find information from credit cards such as expiry dates and CVV numbers.

Yes, this is a very serious problem. They explain, online payments remain a weak point in credit card security.

This technique is called Distributed Guessing Attack which can avoid all the security features available to secure online payments from fraud. Similar techniques are believed to have managed to hack thousands of customers Tesco Bank in the United Kingdom last month.

5. DNC Hack

This year, hacking attacks attack government agencies. Yes, a computer network used by Clinton's campaign team and party fundraising committee for the US is hacked.

The hacked email, released by WikiLeaks activist group in July, sparked the appointment of favoritism in the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and prompted the resignation of the chairman of the committee.

6. Russian hackersIn September, US researchers investigated Russia related to the election. By the end of 2016, the Central Intelligence Agency and other American intelligence agencies conclude with "high confidence" that Russia is secretly trying to influence elections.

Russian hackers have infiltrated the computer system of both major US political parties and are directly involved with Russian president Vladmir Putin.

7. Apple vs FBI

The story begins when the FBI asks Apple for help to unlock the iPhone. Because as you know the latest iOS has a high security features. The smartphone in question is an iPhone 5C used by one of the shooting suspects in San Bernandino 2015 ago.

Apple also explained that since the release of IOS 8 mobile operating system, the latest iPhone running iOS 8 or above version is claimed Apple anti-collapse. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is apparently displeased with Apple's refusal, which blatantly says that there is no way to break into it, even though the courts are asking to do so.

8. NSA in-Hack

In August, a group of anonymous hackers called Shadow Brokers said they managed to get hacking tools from the US National Security Agency's Eqution Group.

This hack tool is able to infect the device firmware and it will still be there. After revealing some of their treasures, Shadow Brokers are trying to sell other hacking tools they acquired.

9. SWIFT hack

Hackers managed to steal money worth US $ 81 million or about Rp 1.06 trillion from the central bank of Bangladesh through a series of transfers in their accounts at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (The Fed).

The hacker is trying to steal more money worth US $ 850-US $ 870 billion or equivalent to Rp 11.1 to Rp 11.4 trillion. However, the criminal effort was successfully thwarted because there is suspicion on the transaction. Naturally this case became the case of the biggest hacker attacks of 2016 at this time.Financial institutions must learn to overcome the weaknesses that exist in the global banking channel. That raises serious questions about the integrity of the Swift code-based money transfer system. Therefore, the authorities should be able to re-assess the process of verification of international funds transfers.

Thus this article was made about or discuss about the case of the biggest hacker attacks 2016. Yes this article review again about the biggest hacker attacks throughout the Year 2016 this. If you have any other information about it, can you share it in the comment field below yes.

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