9 Controversial Apps and Games Blocked By Play Store (18)

9 Controversial Apps and Games Blocked By Play Store (18)

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Of the many apps and games that go on the Google Play Store, do you realize that there are some app or game themes that are not there? Maybe you found a bunch of weird absurd apps, but you will not find any apps in the list below. The reason is simple, the following applications smell of pornography, racial intolerance, or indicate harm to others.

Secret SMS Replicator

This app is annoying but profitable for some people. By using Secret SMS Replicator, you can create a smartphone that installed this application to replicate every incoming sms, also forwarded to your smartphone as well. SMS Replicator is suitable for a girlfriend who is possessive of his partner, but because this application indicates a loss, then He was removed from the Google Play Store in 2010.

Is My Son Gay?

Even the title of the application alone has invited controversy. This application provides tricky information for its users as it gives 20 questions to give parameters whether people who want to have a tendency to gay or not. In fact, these questions are misleading and can not determine anything.

Make Me Asian and its Variants

This app was removed from the Play Store in 2013 due to racist impression on the Asian community. Make Me Asian allows users to import their photos and then the app will be edited according to Asian stereotypes, making the faces of the photo more narrow, with yellow skin, hatched caps, or even using a typical racial one in Asia.

Various Applications and Games Smelling Pornography

Not many sexual and pornographic apps you can find on the Google Play Store. Of course it is clear the reason for avoiding uncontrolled access by users. For an example of any app that is not in the Play Store, Jaka has actually created a special article for this, which is 7 Hot Android Special Games Adult. These games will not be found on the Play Store for being too vulgar.

Virus Shield

Scam application that managed to reap the benefits of its users. Many have been fooled by buying this one antivirus, when in fact this application after being installed on the device users, can not do anything other than presenting a fake scanning bar and a checklist that is not meaningful. Obviously users will not be protected at all by Virus Shield.Various Ads Removal Apps

Ad blocking apps like Ad-Block and AdAway can not be found in Play Store at all. In 2013, Google tightens the sensorship and rules on apps in the Play Store, which ultimately eliminates applications like Ad-Block by reason of interference with another service or product in an unauthorized manner.

Bomb Gaza

From the title alone has described how this game can be blocked by the Play Store. Bomb Gaza is a game that makes you like being on the battlefield and trying to drop a bomb into Gaza territory. This highly controversial game was booming in mid 2014 and soon disappeared shortly after its launch.


This app has a function similar to Sheepdroid. FaceNiff can hijack every Cookie from someone else's smartphone that shares the WiFi you use. That way, you can access social media accounts from the owner of the smartphone without his knowledge. Seeing the ability of this application that can harm others, of course Google has a strong reason to remove it from the Play Store.

Ass Hunter

The title alone is disgusting. The game titled Ass Hunter will bring you into a butt hunter who will hunt every person who wanders in the forest without using a single shirt. This game gives stereotypes to every homosexual man to look like it deserves to be hunted and eliminated. At first this game has been present in the form of Flash in every website that provides mini Flash game and then developed into an Android game.

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