9 Sports Applications You Must Download For Ideal Agency. Free!

9 Sports Applications You Must Download For Ideal Agency. Free!

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Gyms or gyms are made to accommodate the sports needs of people who do not have much time, and do not have enough room to exercise. If you live in a big city, jogging may be a bit difficult because the atmosphere is too crowded and unhealthy air pollution. That's why there is a treadmill, which can make you run even though it does not move from where you stand.

But because of your smart phone, now you can exercise and workout from home. No need to go to the gym, just download these applications to burn fat as well as reaching the ideal body!

1. The stuff around you can be a sports tool. Follow the instructions on the 7 Minute Workout Application Let You Can Play With Anything

Actually 7 minutes workout refers to the sports system 7 minutes per / set with movements that have been prepared by the instructor. In total there are 13 variations of movement with a duration of 30 seconds each. Each movement movement is given a 10 second pause. This sports system is also cheap and easy, because you can wear things around you like chairs, tables, or walls.

If you open the playstore on your smartphone, then search for 7 Minutes Workout, you will find many apps. One of them is Johnson & Johnson 7 Minutes.

For maximum results, do more than 1 set per day. But than not at all, 7 minutes is also not bad right?

2. In order to get a packed six pack of hard, Abs Workout can memandumu with fitness schedule 42 days

In addition to health reasons, fitness can also provide a proportionate body shape. One is a slim and flat stomach. As the name implies, Abs Workout provides training packages that can work to tighten the stomach.

Abs Workout provides a fitness schedule that you have to do for 42 days non-stop. In total there are 6 packages you can try. With this kind of application, a flat and flat stomach you can get even though rarely to the gym.

3. Let the spirit, you need a personal instructor who slaughtered the process and results of your practice. Google Fit can be your best friend and instructor

Who does not know google? Apparently google not only have a search site, but also have an application that can memandumu everyday sports. With Google Fit, you can record how far you run, and how many hours of workout do you do, and how many calories you burn.Your track record is well recorded, so you are also increasingly excited to improve every day. For example you go to the office on foot, you can also check how many calories you burn every day.

4. MyFitnessPal, a sophisticated app for counters and calorie controls that go into your body

The MyFitnessPal app can be an exciting partner for Google Kit and other workout guide apps. To get a healthy and ideal body, not just a workout you have to do, but also pay attention to the food you eat. With MyFitnessPal you can see how many calories come in your body while eating a plate of gado-gado and iced sweet tea.

The food calorie database at MyFitnessPal is pretty big, even reaching 5 million meals. Let you not carelessly eat, check first the caloric content of food you want for ideal weight.

5. Yoga can you do at home. A variety of poses and exercises are available in Pocket Yoga

Although originally associated with Hindu beliefs, Yoga has been recognized as a way of meditation that is beneficial for personal health. Yoga can also be said to be equivalent to a sport that burns calories. Now you can practice your own Yoga at home accompanied by the Pocket Yoga app, which will guide you Yoga positions through visual and audio.

In total there are 200 Yoga movements you learn. In this way, there is no reason Yoga costs more expensive yes, because you can do yourself at home.

6. Busy is not an excuse to miss sports. With the Sworkit Lite Application, you can set yourself how long you want to workout

Instructors are important to make your workout maximum. Sworkit Lite or Sworkit Personalize can be a personal instructor for your workout. All instructions are done in videos with diverse movements, ranging from yoga, pilates, stretching, to cardio workout.

Special, you can decide for yourself how long you want to exercise. Stay set time. Ten minutes? Five minutes? Not bad, not at all?

7. If you prefer jogging, try deh use Couch To 5K application by RunDouble. You can also see your history of improvement every dayJogging is still the main choice of sport. He said, jogging is a complete sports package that can help overcome the health of all organs. In the RunDouble app, you can set your own running speed. This program is designed for novice runners. With special training, little by little, until you can run as far as 5K.

8. You can also use Runkeeper app. In addition to tracking your sports performance, it can also measure your heart rate

Just like RunDouble, Runkeeper is also an app that can be your running companion. Here you can make your own meet, and you can even create your own fitness plan. More great again, this application can also make you can check the heart health from an early age. Because after jogging you can measure your heart rate with the same application.

If you intend it's a marathon race, Runkeeper fits into your daily practice buddy.

9. Finally, if you want to compete with the achievement of your friends run more excited, try deh use applications Nike + run

Just like the two previous sites, Nike + run basically have the ability to record the distance and running time that you did that day via GPS. Initially this application can only be accessed in Apple products, but now you can search on Google Play for androidnya version.

With the Nike + app you can compete with your friends, because Nike + has a feature that links Nike + accounts to compare one runner to another. In addition, the results recorded on your Nike + can be directly shared into your own medsos. So is it so? Ehehehe

With the above applications, no matter how busy, you can still exercise at least 10 minutes / day. Only the capital of HP, 10 minutes time in the morning or night, and the intention of yourself alone, really!

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