9-Year-old Girl Sues Government of India

9-Year-old Girl Sues Government of India

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Liputan6.com, New Delhi – A 9-year-old girl filed a lawsuit against the Indian government for failing to prevent climate change and air pollution.

The boy reminded the government that the younger generation of the nation will be badly affected by the government's neglectful actions on both issues.

On a petition of the Indian National Environmental Affairs Court, Ridhima Pandey, a 9-year-old girl, filed a lawsuit against the government for failing to implement the environmental laws.

"As a young person, he is part of a class of Indians most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, but he is not part of the decision-making process … he is demanding the government take science-based steps to reduce and minimize the adverse impacts of environmental change, "the petition wrote as quoted by The Guardian, Friday (7/4/2017).

Pandey also explained, "My government has failed to take steps to regulate and mitigate the effects of greenhouse gas emissions that lead to climate change.This will have a devastating effect on me and future generations.my government also has the potential to reduce the use of fossil-based fuels, because they are ignorant, so I complain to the neighborhood court. "

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Climate Change and the Indian Center for Pollution Control Center are required by the court to immediately provide a legal response within two weeks.

India and China are two of the ten largest air pollution contributors in the world. According to a recent study, both play a role in half the number of deaths from air pollution in 2015.

In addition, according to data released by Greenpeace in January 2017, about 1.2 million Indians die every year with high concentrations of air pollutants contained in the body, such as dust, mold spores, arsenic, lead, nickel, and chromium. is carcinogenic (causing cancer).

The Ministry of Environment of India considers that the data are inconclusive and incomplete.

"The data is incomplete and so can not be drawn conclusions that prove the correlation between air pollution and the high mortality rate of Indians," said Anil Madhav Dave, India's Minister for Environment, Forestry and Climate Change.

While laws have been made to protect some forests, to clean up rivers and improve air quality in India, analysts believe that the implementation of the law is very bad. The government is considered more likely to put forward the policy of economic growth rather than environmental policy.Natural disasters caused by climate change occurred in 2013, namely floods and landslides in Uttarakhand Province, near the Himalayas, which is also home to Pandey. The damage caused by the disaster triggered the 9-year-old boy to take concrete action on the issue of climate change.

"For a young person, he is very sensitive to the issue of climate change and is paying particular attention to its impact in the future, he wants to do something meaningful and we suggest he make a petition against the government," said Rahul Choudary, Pandey's legal advisor.

On its petition, Pandey asked the court to order the government to create a 'carbon budget', a protocol for reducing carbon dioxide emissions for large industries, and a national climate recovery plan.

"The young girl did a lot of things to get the government's attention to take real action on environmental issues," Choudary concluded.

Currently, India signing the Paris Agreement on climate change is obliged to substitute fossil fuels with electricity by 40% by 2030.

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