A Powerful Way to Cure Asthma with Traditional Plants

A Powerful Way to Cure Asthma with Traditional Plants

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Asthma is a long-term illness that can cause difficult pengidapnya breathing, coughing, and experiencing wheezing when relapse. Each person has a different level of severity of the disease, and usually it can be controlled properly. This asthma disease can occur when the respiratory tract / bronchus is inflamed. Bronkus that looks like a small tube is its function to transport air in and out of the lungs. And generally bronkus in people with asthma is more sensitive than others & more susceptible to inflammation.

Factors Causing the Emergence of Asthma Attacks

Here are some causes of asthma, but the cause is different for each person.

Due to lung and respiratory infections usually caused by flu virus and fever.
Allergens, such as dust mites, animal dander, and also pollen.
As a result of air irritants such as chemical fumes, cigarette smoke and air pollution.
Weather factors such as hot weather, windy weather, cold weather supported by poor air quality, humid weather & drastic temperature changes.
As a result of the consumption of foods / beverages containing sulfites (natural substances are sometimes used to preserve food) such as shrimp, jam, processed foods, half-cooked food, fruit juice beverage packaging.
Exercise, sometimes asthma symptoms can get worse when the person is exercising.
Indoor conditions such as humid room / moldy, carpet chemicals, floor materials and dust mites.
Emotional factors such as stress.

What are the Symptoms of Asthma?

Coughing that often occurs early in the morning and night.
It's hard to breathe.
Experiencing tightness in the chest.
Difficulty sleeping due to shortness of breath and coughing.

There are several kinds of traditional crops that can be useful in making as a traditional medicine of asthma such as:

1. Rotten
Karuk or so-called betel leaves are wild plants that grow a lot in some regions in Indonesia. This karuk is also one of the plants that have many names such as amelun une, gifts, cabean, and so forth. This plant can be developed by doing stem cuttings. And in the world of medicine, this famous karuk plants are potent enough in overcoming various diseases such as asthma, difficult urination, panu, bone pain, and abdominal pain.

This is because the substances contained in the roots, stems, leaves and fruit. This karuk is a type of plant that is enriched with polyphenols and saponins, and inside the leaves and fruits contain high levels of flavonoids and essential oils. And the chemical content of this plant provides excellent pharmacological effects to the body, such as having spicy flavor & mucous laxative (on leaves), spicy taste of art & gall stone (at root).

But the part that is usually used from this plant is on the leaves, leaf karuk this can be utilized as ingredients of traditional herbs asthma disease whose function is to thin the mucus / phlegm in the respiratory tract which then removed from the body.
With reduced mucus from the respiratory tract it can make the flow of air into the body becomes smooth, so that breathing becomes more spacious. Apart from that, the spicy flavor of this plant is also warmed so it can give a sense of comfort in the cavity & respiratory tract.

How To Treat Rotten Leaves For Asthma DrugsTake 3 to 5 pieces of fresh bay leaves.
Rinse leaf.
Puree the leaves of the karuk by pounding it.
Then the leaves are already in the puree in brewed with half a glass of hot water.
Filter & chill.
Then add a little sugar or honey, so that the water seduhannya feel more delicious.
Boiled leaf water is ready to drink.

Dosage: drink this boiling water as much as 3x a day.

2. Ginger
This type of rhizome is indeed famous for its properties as a body warmer, but in addition, this one rimpang apparently also has other powerful properties to help treat asthma and also useful to overcome inflammation. To take the efficacy of this ginger rhizome, you can combine this ginger with honey. Therefore, honey is very suitable and appropriate for the mix with ginger rhizomes. Because, in addition to having a very delicious taste, this blend can also help people with asthma to quickly heal naturally and quickly.

When this ginger plays a role to stop the mucus in the channel by overcoming the inflammation, honey will dilute the existing mucus so it can be removed. To obtain the efficacy of this ginger is quite easy, just with you smoothing ginger with pound / by way of iris-iris only, then, then you enter the result of crushed or slices of ginger into the mixture of honey. However, if you want to take the benefits of ginger in a way in the iris, then you have to use more ginger than by pounding ginger.

Bengkuang is one type of tropical fruit fleshy white flour & crispy textured, but it also has a sweet taste and refreshing flavor is consumed when the day is hot-hot. Actually that can be eaten from this plant is its roots are enlarged by forming tubers. And where in the fruits of this type of roots there are many benefits.

Bengkuang also has a Latin name Pachyrhizus erosus that can be made as a healthy snack when hungry. Bengkuang is very healthy because it contains low calorie ie, only containing 35 calories per 100g. However, this yam also contains high phytonutrients such as fiber & anti-oxidants. While the mineral content contained in bengkuang such as magnesium, manganese, vitamin C and B complex in this yam makes the yam as a very good fruit for consumption. In addition, the enriched bengkuang of quercetin, beta-carotene, magnesium and natural antihistamines are also able to prevent the production of histamine that causes allergies.

As stated by Budi Sutomo and dr Gatot Ibrahim, author of a book entitled Secrets of Healthy Fruit Juices and Vegetables, that java juice therapy combined with vegetables can help boost the body's immune system for those with asthma.
How To Make Traditional Herbs For Asthma Drugs

Materials that need to be prepared, among others:

250gram bengkuang, peeled & cut into pieces.
100gram radish grated, peeled & cut into pieces.
red chili, split and seeded.
50g celery stem.
60ml ice water.
2 tbsp lemon or lime juice.
3 slices of ice cubes.

How to make :

Add bengkuang, radish, celery, red chili, iced water, lime juice and a piece of ice cubes to the blender machine.
Milled until smooth.
Once smooth, pour the juice into the glass.
Juice ready at drinking.4. Soursop Leaf

Soursop leaf is a herbal leaf that has abundant benefits to our bodies, the properties that are owned by soursop leaves are so great especially for health, this is because the soursop leaves have the ability to treat various types of diseases that are often in the natural, one such as this asthma disease. This soursop leaf is believed to be able to cure asthma because in this soursop leaf contains vitamins, minerals, and other substances that are very important to handle the symptoms of asthma that arise such as shortness of breath, tightness in the chest and so forth. So that the healing process of asthma can be more optimal.

Well, for those of you who are currently being tormented with asthma suffered, then I recommend to consume boiled water soursop leaves regularly. Because, shortness of breath and pain in the chest etc. It is a symptom that often arise triggered by asthma, while asthma can occur in the dirt caused by dust inhaled and into the respiratory system, thus making the respiratory muscles to contract as hard as possible to remove dust, so it makes the chest volume becomes smaller and symptoms appear shortness of breath. That's why you are recommended to consume soursop leaf water consumption routinely, because the compounds contained in the soursop leaves can soothe the muscles that experience the contraction.

How to Make Traditional Asthma Drug from Soursop Leaf

Take ten soursop leaves that are quite old (the color is dark green).
Wash off soursop leaf.
Boil the soursop leaves with three glasses of water.
Wait for the water to boil and the remaining one glass.
Then strain and chill.
Cooking water is ready for consumption.

Dosage: boiled water drunk 2x a day, in the morning and evening.
The effect will be felt after you consume boiled water soursop leaves ie, the stomach feels warm and the body will come out a lot of sweat.

That's some kind of natural medicinal plant for asthma disease that you can choose one. In addition to these medicinal plants of asthma vary, of course the plants can also be easily obtained. Hopefully useful .. Aamiin

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