A Real Sample If Work Culture Can Bring Benefits of Billions of Dollars

A Real Sample If Work Culture Can Bring Benefits of Billions of Dollars

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Every company stands on the foundation that comes from the thought of frontman-frontman in it. This thought was then translated as corporate philosophy and adopted as their work culture. Corporate culture is important because it determines work ethics, habits, and, ultimately, the company's own success.

The culture of each company basically has the same passion, even almost clich�: integrity, communication, and hard work, for example. In contrast to Netflix, a successful American company in the field of providing online content (film & acaar TV).

Some Netflix cultures are highly controversial: allowing employees to vacation for as long as they like, for example. However, their success dominated the market in America and part of Europe made many other companies, whether rivals or not, want to cheat the culture of their work.

Cool, Netflix does not hesitate to share the secrets of their success (this discrepancy is probably part of the Netflix culture as well). The company, originally a provider of postal DVD rental services, released a corporate culture document called a Facebook official as the most important document in Silicon Valley.

For you new (going) run start-up company, here Hipwee has summarized the Netflix company culture that you can sample.

1. Only Hire Exceptional Competent People

Looking for employees who are competent enough in the field is not enough for Netflix. The company is always looking for people with exceptional ability. The goal, in order to create a superior working environment. If you work with a very superior person in the field, you are much happier and more productive in the workplace.

Netflix also does not hesitate to assign a manager to solve alone a job that should be done with two subordinates, if the manager is more productive to work solo than berkutat with 2 people whose ability is only average.

2. Taking Policy Based on Reason

Netflix put forward rules based on reason, reason, and maturity rather than formal written rules. They do not have human resources staff whose work continues to monitor the performance of other employees. Meanwhile, most other companies waste money and time in an effort to enforce company policy.

Netflix already has a staff who think adults to always put the company's interests first. These staff are encouraged to think logically in the face of problems at work. They are open to talk about pay raise, co-workers, and assignments with their respective bosses. By reasoning managers can solve problems on a case-by-case basis. Flexible, not stiff.Even Netflix will allow its employees to take vacations if it is deemed necessary for the benefit of Netflix.

3. Get Rid of Work Evaluation

Often a company will periodically evaluate the performance of its employees (weekly, monthly, yearly). Netflix considers this only as a ritual. Periodic evaluations cause issues that should soon be resolved to be delayed. And sometimes, a negative work evaluation makes employees negative. According to Netflix, evaluating and measuring employees' performance on a regular basis will not make them better.

Instead, Netflix will provide immediate feedback when needed. Feedback is delivered informally if deemed necessary, not publicly announced in front of all employees.

4. Performance Improvement Plan Not Useful

Netflix does not like the term Performance Improvement Plans because it does not really work. The staff who work is not good manager reprimanded, then fired, and his dismissal will be heard all the other staff members. Such patterns are not considered good for the office environment. Not to mention that the fired staff filed a lawsuit.

Should be honest with the staff that he already does not meet the standards anymore or energy is not needed anymore. Give a decent severance. That way the company does not need to waste time to serve the court.

5. Annual Bonus Deleted

As mentioned earlier, Netflix already filled by staff minded mature and logical. If they are already at the top of their abilities, then the annual bonus that serves to trigger the performance of staff will not be any good anymore. They will not be smarter or better. Instead, Netflix will only provide compensation for the amount of money that will be paid to them if they leave Netflix.

Netflix is ??also not willing to withhold employees who want to move to work elsewhere. If they get a better offer elsewhere, do not hold them like prisoners.

6. Ensure All Staff Perform WellNetflix employees should be given the understanding that this company needs them to do a good job, of high quality. Because of the good work environment and fun, have a recreation area and party every weekend is not useful if the company does not run well.

How? Netflix is ??quite unique right? Want to adopt Netflix style into your business? Read their complete culture here.

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