A Short Story About Love That Can not Unite

A Short Story About Love That Can not UniteThe day's staff meetings were very crowded, almost all employees filled the empty hall. Greetings and hospitality between employees are always liquid in every employee meeting, especially the room is always boisterous before the event really go to a more serious stage of the meeting agenda of the company director's speech.

My eyes are always fixed on the figure of a beautiful girl nan cheerful. He was chatting cheerfully with friends who were a division with him. From the first I worked in this company, I already knew him. He is always friendly to greet other employees, he is a sociable figure, therefore he has many friends in the office. He is a cheerful Cynthia.

We are ready to hear a speech from the director. I'm looking for an empty chair that I can occupy.

Here Kak, sit here alone! Cynthia's hand waved when she saw that I was confused for a chair. Very clear mobile phone (HP) i-phone 6 that he held in his hand it. Indeed some seats have been occupied by several employees.

Oh, yeah, I replied sillyly. Frankly my heart was pounding close to her, but I was trying to bring out the normal feelings possible.

Several times he had been busy with his cell phone, as well as most other employees who had several times busy with their cool phones. I'm stiff, do not want or do not try to play my phone like they are. Since college until now my phone is still that's all, never replaced.

I can buy the phone first from the scholarship money that I get in the second semester lectures. The next scholarship money I always give to parents to arrange my tuition fees. This phone includes a pretty good phone with cheap price four years ago. It costs about a million with android 2.3 and 2.8 inch screen. Of course very old when compared with children's mobile phones now the average 5-inch with the operating system android kitkat up.

The meeting I thought was boring to be a very nice meeting. Because occasionally throughout the director's speech, Cynthia and I chatted a few general points. Me and he asked each other about the study, the address even the reason why he called me Kak. Apparently he was a year younger than me. Throughout our less specific chats I felt the warmth and comfort when chatting with her. It was the way she answered my enthusiastic question and the smiling smile.

Day after day, I began to see a drastic change from a Cynthia, whom I initially saw as a kind person to me being a person who often noticed me. Honestly, I'm happy about it as well as hate.

Hate not because he always looks and throws his sweet smile but hates because I do not always strongly reply to that look and smile and too cowardly responds to the codes of interest he gives.

One morning, when I just came to the office. I ran into Cynthia. He smiled at me.Morning, Tia, I say softly.

Pagiii, he replied. Her sweet smile spread enlightening this morning.

Just coming? I say pleasantly.

Yes, he replied.

I'm stiff when it's nearby. And I do not know what to say anymore. Actually I want to talk longer with him. Neither did I see such a thing to him.

Yeah, I've been upstairs first, I said finally giving in to the situation.

He nodded approvingly still with his cheerful face. I stepped away from her back. But in my heart I wonder, it seems he was still smiling looking at me from behind?

To pay my own curiosity, I turned back and what I was right about. There Cynthia was still looking at me and smiling. It's really a hard code. I smiled back, and turned back to continue the pace but really glance I saw him run tiptoe so happy.

Since then, I'm sure. He really likes me. And just waiting for action from me with all the hard codes he has given. Also I have given it to him, there must be affirmation in a relationship. Not a smiling smile.

But before I take further action by dating Cynthia. I wanted to align myself first, so I would not be too embarrassed to be close to him. I intend to save first to buy an HP that can not at least align me with it.

Salaries come out every month and always run out for everyday life and also to be sent to parents.Cynthia began to move away from her own expectations.

I rarely see him again. And once, I've met him but he was not as friendly as before.

Maybe his wish about me had vanished. So my hope to be with her was just crumbling and useless rubbish along with her far-flung attitude. This is obviously my fault, I ignored her as she gave her love for me.

A few days later, I heard Cynthia leave the company, as she was about to work for a government-owned company. My hopes were completely lost for Cynthia.


Over the next few years, I began to focus on the business I developed. The business I once started with small products has now penetrated the international market with billions of rupiah turnover.

My life is prosperous, so is my parents' life. I used to always live mediocre, even to buy a good HP hard to ask for mercy. Now it's all like an elephant that turns into an ant. I can not imagine how my life was past it, but it was a reality in my old life. For the poor, even trivial things describe, like elephants in the eyelids.

My age has touched thirty years now. It's mature enough to start a serious relationship for a more serious level. But until now I have not found a woman who should be with me as a life partner.

One morning at the office, I accidentally saw someone familiar to me. This guy I used to know. She sits sweetly on the lounge sofa of my office. Looks like he's waiting for someone.

Who is it? I asked to the front office (FO) on duty.

Oh, he's Mrs. Cynthia from XXX company about to meet with Burhan Head of Marketing Division to discuss X project.My heart flutters back when I see Cynthia. What should I do this time? My condition is different from the last time I met him.

And he also had time to ask about you, continued the FO employee. He asked me, is Rendi working here? he asked. And I replied, he is our boss. He owns this company.

I was even more frantic when I heard the information from the FO officers on duty. I thought about Cynthia. Actually, what's the purpose here? Is there any other purpose besides wanting to meet with Pak Burhan, Head of Marketing Division. Like wishing to see me again? I really hope so.

Does he leave an identity? I asked back to the FO officer.

He said he forgot to bring his business card, but he allowed his ID card to be scanned.

Please print it for me.

I returned to the room holding the printout of Cynthia's ID card. The column that interests me most is the marital status column. And there it says YET KAWIN.

I called to the FO section and told him, If the Head of Marketing Division has finished meeting with the client to get me contacted.

An hour later the phone on my desk rang. FO informs that the meeting is over.

I'm out to see things. I again saw Cynthia sitting on the couch. Is the meeting over? I asked FO.

Yes sir. Pak Burhan has left the office, said he was there to be taken care of.Then why is that client still there? I asked.

Oh, he said he had someone to wait for.


I did not ask, sir. But he asked permission to wait here.

I nodded and went back into the room. I wondered, Was the person he was waiting for me or someone else?

There was an inner war on me. Do I have to go there and invite her into my office. Better to wait in the office than in the waiting room. More comfortable, especially he is someone I've ever met before.

After struggling with your heart and mind for a while. Finally my heart was steady to invite her into my room. I should not lose a second chance again. I tidy up as cleanly and beautifully as possible my workplace. I'm proud of my current self.

I came out with enthusiasm but I was surprised to find the sofa in the room was no longer occupying.

Where did the client go? I asked FO.

He's gone home, sir.

I'm lethargic and helpless. I lost a second time.Why, sir? What happened? asked the FO officer to see my face immediately changed disappointed.

That client was my close friend, somehow that came out of my tongue right now is honesty. Without rethinking my authority as a leader in this company.

The FO officer resumed, No wonder before leaving he asked, Is Mr. Rendi in the office? .

I was killed by myself.

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