Abeh, Cipinang residents who like to plant flowers of Carcasses

Abeh, Cipinang residents

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An Arnoldi Raflesia Flower or called a carcass grows in the courtyard of Abeh Sa'ari's house on Jalan Pembina Lima, Rt 13/02, Cipinang Muara, Jatinegera, East Jakarta.

Rare plants that grow without special care is a spectacle of dozens of people around the curious. Flower smells sting with a diameter of 20 cm and height of about 50 cm he put it in a pot and on display on the terrace of his house.

"It's already grown the second time before 2010 has ever bloomed, now bloom again," said Abeh Shaary (62), the owner of the plant, when met merdeka.com, Tuesday (9/10).

Abeh said he first bought his seed, he was not sure if it was really a carrion flower. But after growing and getting stingy smell then he was sure and then maintain the plant.

"The seeds can be from West Java then I planted and then after the shoots out then I believe this carcass flower.Initially grow in the home page aja, now for the first time I try in pots," explained Abeh

Abeh said he is a hobby of this rare plant, the father of four children has a house area of ??about 300 square meters, and a third is a yard in the form of land, the rest of the building style Betawi house.

The ground yard is planted with a herbal medicinal plants such as whiskers cat, srikaya, ciplukan, aloe vera, ginseng, red ginger, temulawak, distance and others. There is a planted on the ground and some are planted in pots.

Abeh claimed will not sell this flower even though there will be a bargain. "I want to keep it first, if it is sold first, this is a rare flower," he said. [has]

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