Accompanying Rice Planting from Malaysia

Accompanying Rice Planting from Malaysiaintroduction with Mas Eri Supriyantono

via email I received an email from Mas Eri, he lived in Kendal Central Java, which according to his confession is a beginner farmer, mas Eri interested in innovation Biotetes my concoction for the plant, finally we swapped the fuel pin, more smooth communication , and mas Eri want to plant rice in the area of ??2 hectares, through my fuel became a companion of rice cultivation pattern, I live in Malaysia while mas Eri stay in kendal, not a problem because of technological progress.

planting with unusual plant spacing

through my writing in kompasiana, mas Eri motivated to be able to plant rice with a pattern that I developed, spacing 20 x 40 and planted with 1 seed only, making farm workers who help mas Eri confusion, because this pattern is considered new, in where his ordinary farmers planted with a 25 x 25 or 20 x 20 tile system with seedling amounts of 3 to 5 plants,

the concern of the farmers is reasonable because the snail pest attack is very disturbing when the new rice is planted, so in the calculation when the seeds in eating snails, there are still seeds remaining, the problem occurs because when moving plant, rice seeds have phase of strees, so that I planted many when the snails eat young seeds then make sure the seeds will die, with the innovation of biotetes, the seeds in the planting does not experience the phase of strees, so even if only in planting one seed at the age of 20 days the seedlings have babies 4 to 5, when the seeds are eaten golden snail, grow new shoots because the seeds of rice during planting move no strees.

in the first month of planting

early start after planting, a lot of farmers neighbors paddy mas Eri who feel concerned with the growth of Eri mas plant which they think is a concern, mas Eri had my fuel and I replied, just calm later will follow and turn the situation, and fortunately mas Eri stick to my suggestion, so that process by process can run as directive, Biotetes usage also on time every 2 weeks as much as 4 times application.

balanced fertilization

I recommend at the beginning of planting using compost fertilizer, and mas Eri using compost fertilizer from BUMN fertilizer factory as much as 2 tons per hectare, I say that the land is planted as a factory, if the rice to be produced must be balanced with sufficient nutrient intake, resulting in productivity crops can be in accordance with the carrying capacity of the land, making the harvest is also good quality, all my directives follow Eri, while continuing to consult via fuel, every two weeks on the picture of the development of rice crops, so I can provide input to the needs of plant fertilizer is met.

two weeks before harvest

after walking Eri mas plant shows good growth although not maximized according to my expectations, but has menunujukan superiority in terms of number of tillers, where the number of productive tillers an average of 40 tillers of plants, while the neighboring rice field average of 15 tillers, conversations of farmers around the rice fields of Eri, and unusually, the average farmer's crop is exposed to pest aphis, but in paddy field Eri no aphis pest attack, and harvested the early rice field harvest, with yields of 6-7 tons per hectare and farmers sell directly in rice fields (jula tebasan) with the price of Rp 20.000.000 (twenty million Rupiah) or Rp 3.000 / kg Grain, really very in pity is not it? , while Eri rice plant is not ready for harvest, because the grains still continue to fill seen from the color of the leaves that remain green.harvest

when the harvest of Eri conveyed 2 hectares of paddy yield yield of 16, 3 tons of dry rice harvest with the best grain quality and will be self-managed, then sold in the form of good quality rice, should all farmers do this, so that his life is more prosperous.

planting gradually

the second planting plan of the two Eri plant will be planted early, engga follow the planting season in November, so that the planting season can be changed little by little, so the concept of simultaneous planting and harvesting into the past, the concept of planting the next will use raw manure which will be in stock directly, the hay is also left in the plow, then sprayed biotetes, so that the stubble of rice straw and manure can be well decomposed, so the paddy field is ready to plant, in the hope that its productivity will be better than the previous crop. …hopefully.

innovation makes that impossible becomes possible

always continuous

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