Accused of trump making global warming hoax, China is outraged

Accused of trump making global warming hoax, China is outraged

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In 2012 ago, Donald Trump made a Tweet about climate change. Not a matter of concern for environmental issues, Trump alleges that climate change is a concept created by China to make businesses from the United States uncompetitive.

Unfortunately, four years after he made the tweet, he became President of the United States. Knowing that who will be the leader of the United States is a person who does not believe in global warming and accused the country of the brain behind it all, China spoke up.

Launched by Bloomberg (16/11), China's foreign minister, Liu Zhenmin, stated that China will not be blamed for global warming hoax is actually not a hoax. Moreover, two former President Trump who is a Republican candidate, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, both of whom signed climate and environmental negotiations in the 80s.

The climate negotiations referred to by the minister are the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), established by the United Nations to raise awareness of world leaders of global warming that are human-caused. The IPCC itself is supported by US presidents before Trump.

the minister commented to Trump with a question: "If the president of the United States from your party is aware of global warming, and wants to convey that message to the world, why do you blame China?"

Foreign Minister Liu himself was in Marrakesh, where he was being held 'climate conference,' which was a continuation of the Paris climate agreement a few months ago.

From the US, the conference was attended by John Kerry who now serves as secretary of state. Kerry himself talks about global warming, which according to Reuters, the US is the second largest greenhouse gas emitter after China. [idc]

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