Aceh Phenomenon Through Google Earth

Aceh Phenomenon Through Google Earth

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[/ caption] TRANSFERING Aceh is never ending, I have already mentioned the problem of Acehnese descendants and now let's look at the phenomenon that happened a few days ago. Wednesday (7/7) some local media in Aceh and also nationally had news about God's pronunciation along the mountain Burni Uning Tualang, Gayo Lues District, Aceh as quoted by This matter originated from Agung Dwi Nurcahya, a staff member at the Geographic Information System (GIS) at the Leuser Ecosystem Management Agency (BPKEL) on July 6, 2010 and took a photo of the border between Aceh and North Sumatra by accessing Google Earth technology. According to Agung, images that resemble God's asthma are found in coordinates 34839.81 North Latitude and 974617.01 East Longitude. Agung also added that the picture of God's pronunciation was seen among the deep valleys, towering mountains and dense forest. On the other hand, the news revealed by JPNN mentioned that Agung found the picture when he monitored the forest area via satellite. "Since the last five years, I work in Aceh with the task of monitoring forest via satellite and through aerial photography," he said. [caption id = "" align = "aligncenter" width = "531" caption = "Forms Aceh Governor Office / Source: Aceh Community Forum"]

The Office of the Governor of Genesis in Aceh related to the technology of Google Earth around the year 2009, also had found the position and form of the office of the Governor of Aceh in the number of Lampineung shaped picture of the salip. Indeed, if viewed at a glance enough to describe it.

[/ caption] Two things mentioned above is a contrasting phenomenon if again associated with religion, in addition to be believed or not depending on how our view in view. It could be the form of an object that is captured through Google Earth in the shape or form of a similar object that is around us even though it is the pronunciation of Asma Allah.

In fact, according to a reader in Aceh, we point out that the thing discovered by the Supreme is not a strange thing.

Because the photos are sent to various local and national media consists of two parts, one part contains a plain photo and another photo containing scratches through the computer by drawing a line resembling the pronunciation of God.

If we use simple analysis, of the two pictures or photographs, both the Governor building and the Burni mountains are obviously very different, for the governor's own office building without being presented through the lines of the computer is obviously a cross-shaped view of the architecture. This is a phenomenon happening in Aceh with the help of Google Earth, viewed from above. Hopefully we can add insight to all of us, and no doubt that Google Earth also still may provide other phenomenal pictures.

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