Acts of Fiera Lovita, Persecution Victims Accused of Insulting Community Leaders

Acts of FieraJAKARTA, – Fiera Lovita, a doctor at the General Hospital of Solok City, West Sumatra, felt depressed after experiencing persecution in the form of terror and intimidation by a group of people from certain organizations.

The woman who is familiarly called Doctor Lola was admitted to not understand why he experienced the act of persecution after writing the status on his Facebook account that tone satire of certain figures.

"I just put forward my opinion as did by other netizens," said Fiera when giving a press statement at YLBHI office, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Thursday (01/06/2017).

On May 19-21, 2017, Fiera made three Facebook statuses. The status he made after watching the press conference news of the police on television about the truth of the case evidence chat WhatsApp Firza Husein and Rizieq Shihab.

"I just responded to the blur of a figure who will be questioned by police in Jakarta in case of nasty chat and other legal cases affecting the character," said Fiera.

Apparently, there are groups of organizations that do not like the words of Fiera on their Facebook status. On May 22, 2017, at about 1:00 pm, some people came to Fiera.

At that time, he was in the car with his children. They were tapping on Fiera's car window. Frightened, Fiera contacted Kanit Solok city police chief named Ridwan. Ridwan had previously asked Fiera for his Facebook status, without showing a letter of assignment.

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Upon arrival, Ridwan spoke with representatives of people claiming to be members of one of the religious organizations. At that time, Fiera said, her children were crying for fear of seeing their whereabouts. They were also frightened to see Ridwan carrying a small pistol, tucked in his hips.

"The members of the mass organization made me apologize and promised I would not do that again and then asked me to make a handwritten statement on paper and photographed, asking me to immediately post the apology letter on my Facebook account , "he said.

The action of intimidation did not stop there. After posting a pardon, Fiera found her photographs spread on social media with provocative and indecent comments.On Tuesday, May 23, 2017, a meeting was held with a number of senior religious organizations together with the Head of Solok Police, Kompol Darto, and Intel Ridwan and the directors of RSUD Kabupaten Solok.

At the meeting, Fiera was asked to deliver an apology and promised not to repeat it again. He was also asked to make a letter of apology and signed by Fiera as well as several people who attended the meeting.

"I think with the meeting all the problems will be finished, it was not at all, the photos of the meeting again become viral in social media, they keep talking and gossiping me," he said.

The meeting that should solve the problem and make the atmosphere peaceful, it turns out for the mass organization is not enough. The photos of the meetings are spread through social media with provocative words. He was accused of insulting scholars and Islam.

Since then, terror and intimidation have often been accepted by Fiera. His home is often visited by unknown people and ask to meet.

Considering the safety of the souls of the children and himself, Fiera decided to leave Solok for a while. He feels no one can protect.

Fiera claimed to have no real support from colleagues or other parties around him. In fact, some colleagues in his office chose to stay safe away from Fiera.

"I decided to want to get out of Solok City, West Sumatra, I have no other choice," said Fiera

"No side will protect me there, plus the atmosphere in the work environment that is not comfortable anymore," he said.

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