Adu Celeng vs. Dogs Spelled Severe, But So So a Tradition

Adu Celeng vs.

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Animal cruelty lately became a hot topic that is often discussed. Many societies are beginning to be moved that violence against animals is also a cruel act worthy of accountability. Starting from the denunciation of the use of animal hairs as a basic material of clothing, to the cruelty of animals when it will be processed into food.

Lately the leading international media such as Reuters, The Independent, and the Daily Mail are highlighting the tradition of cockfighting in Indonesia. The tradition of poking dogs with wild boars or boars is considered a nasty tradition that should not be taught to the younger generation. But this poses a dilemma when faced with the state of society that makes the tradition of cockfighting as a livelihood. To find out more about this phenomenon, let's see the following Hipwee News and Feature description!

Similar international media Reuters, Independent, Daily Mail, and other leading media began uploading articles containing animal fights that became a tradition in several cities in West Java

The tradition of complaining wild boar with a dog is called a cockfight and is shown publicly

The fight took place in a 15-30 square meter arena surrounded by bamboo fences to limit the audience to the fighting animals

As the show progresses, the audience cheers as the two animals hurt each other

Animal protector activist, Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, Marison Guciano considers cockfighting as a terrible thing. Until now this activity is still done in several places in West Java

Many of the audience are underage children. The BBC page says that cockroach contest teaches young people not to be sensitive to animal cruelty

Cockwagon is actually derived from the tradition of people who often hunt wild boar or boar in the 1960s

This tradition is already hereditary, but one of the participants admitted that this tradition has been slightly different from what was once there

This duel was very simple and unlike now because dogs have to be trained and from there it is revealed and has become part of the tradition and culture, said Nur Hadi, a participant who also followed the cock race to Reuters.Although much criticized, if we look at this tradition further, cockfighting turned out to be the livelihood of some people

I participated to increase the price of my dogs and it would be useless for these dogs if I did not participate in a contest like this, Agus Badud, the dog owner.

Not just international condemnation, there are actually rules that prohibit animal cruelty in Indonesia even though the regulation is still weak

The torture of animals is regulated in Article 302 of the Criminal Code. People who intentionally torture any animal can be subject to criminal penalties in the form of confinement and fines. Marison Guciano also said that the punishment and law enforcement of this article is still very weak in Indonesia.

It is not easy to simply stop an existing tradition from generation to generation. Especially if the tradition eventually developed into an activity that is also full of economic motives. This international criticism may be a matter of mutual thought, whether a tradition like this should be maintained or it is time to stop.

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