Adverse Effects of Climate Change

Adverse Effects of Climate Change

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Almost all the world community in the year 2015 really feel the real impact of climate change. Strangely climate behavior around the world is no exception Indonesia is a real condition that inevitably is being faced by the world's population. The drought is very long as it is happening in Indonesia, the tropical storm that continues to form in the Pacific region and hit Taiwan to Japan, and the extreme heat catastrophe that attacks India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and some European countries is the most recent illness climate change.

Here are 2 real losses from the adverse effects of climate change worldwide:
1. Arctic temperatures are getting warmer every year
It has been known for centuries that the polar regions of the Earth, both the South Pole and the North Pole, are the areas of the Earth that are always covered by eternal snow. But the effects of global warming and climate change are so apparent in recent years the worsening conditions in the poles. Quoted from Mongabay, Arctic temperatures are reported to have warmed twice as much from the global average temperature. What is the impact? The warming temperatures at the Pole have caused permafrost layers to search and instantly release carbon dioxide and methane gas into the atmosphere. To note, permafrost coating is a layer of soil that froze for centuries permanently. Permafrost freezes due to the average annual temperature of the soil layer is below 0 degrees Celsius. Because of this warming climate change, permafrost layers expand and slowly disappear from the Arctic.

2. Economic losses due to climate change can not be underestimated. Trillions of dollars is a price to bear!

Climate change is ongoing and is expected to continue for several centuries ahead without any significant impact reduction. As a result the losses in the economic sector will be enormous. Still quoted from Mongabay, there are notes about the economic losses due to climate change presented by a researcher from the University of Cambridge and the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado Boulder, the note was written in a paper in the journal Nature Climate Change. According to the scientist, in the next 2200 or less than two centuries, the impact of economic losses to be borne by climate change and global warming will reach a count of $ 43 Trillion US Dollars. A really fantastic number!

That count is a loss due to climate changes that occur in the agricultural sector, the increase in regular health, to swell electricity bills due to the use of air conditioning out of bounds due to the hot and scorching temperature every day. (cal)


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