Afi Cried When Explained Plagiarism Allegations

Afi Cried When Explained Plagiarism Allegations

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JAKARTA, – Mata Asa Firda Inayah, or often called Afi, looks teary when asked for confirmation about the alleged plagiarism in his article entitled "Compassion In Our Religion" uploaded on his Facebook account on May 25, 2017. He asserted not doing the alleged thing.

Initially, Afi met Bayu Sutiyono at Gedung Pancasila, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Central Jakarta, looked relaxed with pink hijab when interviewed by Bayu Sutiyono from KompasTV, Thursday (1/6/2017). He also replied quickly and briefly, "no", when asked about the allegations.

Afi claimed not to know the plagiarism allegations addressed to him. He said he has not opened social media.

"I do not know, I have not much is not sosmed," he said.

However, he said, he has written many and many writings are copied.

"I did write in old accounts, from 2012 and some posts on my old Afi account." Afi's old account has been taken down, "said Afi.

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When Bayu read that Afi's article on "Compassion in Our Religion" was cited by Mita Handayani, who was mentioned on June 30, 2016, she replied firmly.

KompasTV Asa Firda Inayah and her father "Mita Handayani, ask for confirmation of Mita Handayani's account," Afi said.

Afi began to look sad. Her eyes filled with tears. But he continued to explain the allegations of plagiarism.

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When his father appeared and hugged Afi, tears of 18-year-old teenager was unstoppable again. Bayu to ask for a tissue for Afi.

Afi picked up the tissue, and wiped her tears away. After that, he calms down, and gives messages to other Indonesian teenagers.

He and his father later joined the birthday event of Pancasila. Afi was present at the invitation of President Joko Widodo.

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