Against the Terror of Climate Change

Against the Terror of Climate ChangeThe Day After Tomorrow film is one of the world's climate change films happening on earth and how the warning of a neglected climatolistist leads to incalculable losses.

Climate change occurs due to the greenhouse effect that causes the depletion of the atmosphere of the earth's surface layer. A simple explanation of the greenhouse effect is the higher levels of carbon dioxide and methane that cause the oxygen layer on the earth's surface to become thinner.

This situation causes geothermal to be trapped and reflected back to earth. In addition, an increasingly thin layer of the atmosphere causes the sun's heat to penetrate easily to the earth.

Climate change is a terrorist if its anticipation has not been done since now. But the preparedness to deal with this threat is only a talk of experts in international forums while socialization to the middle of society is still at a limited level.

The limited resources to reach the whole community to socialize the threat of climate change to scapegoat in a developing country like Indonesia. The support of international NGOs has finally become a solution to reach the rural corners that are beyond the reach of the government. Unfortunately, third party support is still limited. Not all corners can be reached.

Socialization of the threat of climate change and adaptation that must be done by society is actually misguided if the focus is only done in villages in developing countries. It is wrong if then these poor people are ultimately terrorized to anticipate climate change while the main cause is in urban areas and in developed countries as the biggest contributor to global climate change.

In developed countries, livestock is the largest contributor to the destruction of the ozone layer. This is because of the high CO2 and methane gas produced from large farming areas in developed countries.

In Australia Anne Creek's extensive farm area is 34,000km2 as the largest in the world. While in Texas United States, the area of ??farms is 6000km2. Of the hundred million hectares of forest cleared in Australia, about 70 million of it is for farming. In Brazil, 90% of the Amazon forest has become a pasture for livestock.

Even the FAO has released a report entitled Livestock Long Shadow (2006) that the livestock industry is responsible for all the world's environmental problems. One kilogram of beef is equivalent to driving 250 km or turning on a 100watt lamp for 20 days non-stop. The meat diet produces emissions of 4,758 kilometers or 17 times larger than the organic vegan that is only 281 kilometers long.

Unfortunately, the above data is limited to the conference table without follow-up by reducing the amount of emissions due to livestock and remains a common secret of developed countries. The environmental damage caused by the livestock industry is intentionally covered by shifting anticipate climate change to developing countries. Developing country societies are then indoctrinated with a variety of methods including the threat of melting an iceberg that could lead to rising sea levels.

However, whatever the current method of climate change socialization is no longer just a responsibility of one party and blame again the other party. Climate change is sure to happen, because that can be done today is the anticipatory step today if the disaster comes tomorrow.Introduce this threat also can not only to a certain level of society but all humans on earth should know about it from. Anti-terror terror of climate change can no longer be in the style of terror against certain people.

Developed countries are fully responsible for the impacts of global climate change. Returns the amazon to its original shape or reduces the area of ??animal husbandry as the main source of the largest methane producer in the world. In Indonesia, restoring the forest as a jungle rather than as a jungle of the oil industry will be able to maintain a stable world climate.

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