Aher show off the success of preserving the environment in West Java

Aher show off

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West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) reveals, various efforts that have fruitful results in environmental conservation. The success was conveyed during the event of World Environment Day (HLH) at West Java Provincial Level in West Parking Page Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung, Monday (17/7).

Aher said, the total area of ??protected forest in West Java continues to increase. Protected areas in West Java have reached 37% or increased by 10%. Aher committed to continue to increase this protected area to reach the figure of 45% of the total area of ??West Java.

"Protected areas that used to be only 27 percent, now have increased to 37.2 percent in 2015. 2016 hopefully has been estimated 39 percent and 2017 already 40 percent suspected," he said in his speech. He mentioned, West Java provincial government continues to commit to preserve and solve environmental problems, thus improving the quality of the environment Parahyangan Earth.

He continued, the number of people determines the availability of protected areas within a region. Aher said, people determine the habits or culture in a region. This love and level of public awareness will greatly determine its natural sustainability.

"The main factor that must be changed is the culture of the society itself, how the culture of society can present, able to be changed if we so that people start to respect the environment as well as possible," he explained.

In addition, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in West Java is at a considerable percentage. In 2016 GRK Jabar is at the number 11.45 percent. This is expected to continue to increase to 26% by 2030. "The status of the quality of major rivers and large reservoirs with pollutants is rising from previously to 56.12 percent, contributing to the poor percentage of most of the Citarum River," he added.

To that end, Aher admitted his side continued to be encouraged to keep the environment of West Java continue to improve its quality. Especially from the management side of Citarum River management. Citarum Bestari Program became the focus or superior environmental management of West Java Provincial Government. Citarum Clean, Healthy, Beautiful, and Sustainable (Bestari) program is rolled out since 2014 by involving all stakeholders and even the community or called ecovillage (cadre of cultured community environment).

Management of environmental management in West Java can not be separated from three things, namely structural program, nonstructural, cultural response. The structural program is carried out through the normalization of the river, by widening the river flow and dredging the river bed.

Meanwhile, non-structural program through reforestation of upstream areas. Conservation of forest areas is believed to minimize the possibility of flooding. This conservation is done not only with upright plants, but also productive crops such as coffee that can also impact on the economy of the community.

While the cultural program, is expected to build new habits of society to not pollute the environment. In the context of Citarum Bestari in the movement of the Five No: (1) No Cutting Trees Upstream, downstream (2) No Disposing of Livestock Waste, (3) No Disposing of Household Waste, (4) Not Disposing Industrial Waste, and (5) Do not Dispose Trash into the River.

"Related to conservation, Alhamdulillah, Critical Land Rehabilitation Movement or GRLK West Java is quite successful with it Hopefully we continue to do and we do, so the longer our forests are more sustainable and green as normal," said Aher. [hrs]

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