AHM Give Environmental Education to High School Students

AHM Give Environmental Education to High School Students

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Commemorating the International Ozone Day, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) conducts educational activities concerning environmental awareness. This education is given to One Hearts School students which consists of 12 AHM target schools.

A total of 125 students who participated in the program One Heart School is invited to know and understand more in the production process and Honda motorcycle products are environmentally friendly.

The schools involved in this program are SMAN 13 North Jakarta, SMAN 18 North Jakarta, SMAN 40 North Jakarta, SMAN 41 North Jakarta, SMAN 52 North Jakarta, SMAN 72 North Jakarta, SMAN 75 North Jakarta, SMAN 80 North Jakarta, SMAN 110 North Jakarta, SMK Hang Tuah 1 North Jakarta, SMK Mitra Cikarang, and SMP Hang Tuah 3 Jakarta.

"AHM is constantly striving to realize its commitment in reducing the production and use of Ozone depleting substances by actively contributing to the growth of public awareness towards the preservation of the ozone layer as an earth shield," said Deputy Head of Corporate Communications AHM Ahmad Muhibbuddin.

In addition to introducing the production process and environmentally friendly motorcycle products, AHM also held discussions on the importance of the ozone layer, the factors causing ozone depletion, the potential loss or threat to living organisms if ozone damage continues. AHM also organized a Main Map contest on Ozone control, which is the race to make a map of the ozone hole and the idea to prevent the occurrence of ozone hole.

Through this competition, students of AHM's One-Heart School are expected to be motivated to actively contribute to ozone conservation. Sekolah Satu Hati is an AHM target school to create environmentally sound schools and students committed to the preservation of cultural arts, and contribute to social change processes.

"We want to transmit the environmental awareness viruses to the next generation of generations, we hope they can continue and spread the principles of green process and green product as we do on every aspect of their lives," concluded Muhibuddin. (Ysp / Des)

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