Ahok Happy index someone, how long he enjoy a park

Ahok Happy index someone, how long he enjoy a park

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Thousands Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) will be paired in every corner of Jakarta. No exception in the parks.

"RPTRA (integrated child-friendly public space), we also install CCTV," explained Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama at the signing of RPTRA agreement with 11 CSR at Jakarta City Hall, Friday (7/8).

Later, the village heads and sub-district heads directly monitor the various things recorded in CCTV. Currently, Jakarta already has four RPTRAs from the targeted 6 this year.

Ahok thanked for CSR's cooperation with a number of companies, Jakarta has a child-friendly park. With the environment in Jakarta is crowded, of course the lack of greening will increase the stress level of a person.

"RPTRA is a business from the fetus to the elderly.All people gather there.Our agencies help.Happiness indexes how long you enjoy a park," he added.

In order for this cooperation is not misunderstood, Ahok also asked the company giving CSR their name. So, the public does not think negatively with the projects.

"Include the company's father so that the small people can start to see because so far there is a perception that the company is looking for profit alone, the cost that your father spent as an entrepreneur, that's the price of our unit," he concluded.

Not only in the park, said Ahok, all buildings will also be required to install CCTV.

"High-resolution CCTV to see the license plate, then connect to the police and soldiers If anything, they can monitor the criminals who run to where it is well supervised, just give the IP Address why stingy? On the monitor do not need to pay the police, we who love, "he explained. [lia]

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