Ahok in the spotlight of foreign media, damaged political party system until the fuss of FPI

Ahok in the

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Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or usually called Ahok never deserted from the hustle and bustle of domestic news. Almost every day the name Ahok wara wiri in the mass media related actions, statements and actions. The news about Ahok is not about the capital and the myriad of problems, but lately also touches on domestic politics. Moreover, Ahok expressed readiness to fight in Jakarta Governor Election (Pilgub) next year.

Not only the domestic media that highlight the steps Ahok. Foreign media also several times to observe the behavior of former East Belitung Regent. Recently the famous American newspaper, The New York Times, launched the figure of Ahok as one who shook the Indonesian political system, which was mostly controlled by party elites. This paper was launched Sunday (5/6).

Ahok's political independence aims to separate from a strong national party to Indonesia's democracy. Ahok who has declared going ahead in the independent elections of Jakarta's regional head has shaken the political stance of the country.

Therefore Ahok called the figure political outsider. The nickname stuck out because of Ahok's background as a minority, who is of Chinese ethnicity and is a Christian and dared to advance himself without a party. This US newspaper called Ahok has shaken the national political system controlled by the oligarchy.

This New York Times review also mentions, the reason Ahok chose an independent path in order not to share the same fate with President Joko Widodo. President Jokowi is said to have faced difficulties from his political party, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP).

Although Ahok is very outspoken in speech, the New York Times wrote, but he has won many hearts of young and middle-class people down. According to this newspaper, the community group is captivated by a number of Ahok's policies.

Researcher of Indonesia Science Program at Institute of Southeast Asian Studies Yusof Ishak in Singapore Charlotte Setijadi said Ahok as an alternative figure against the current political system of Indonesia.

"Basuki (Ahok), describes himself as an alternative figure to fight the political system that has sicken the people of Indonesia," he said.
Ahok's courage to take an independent path will actually help him reap the vote during the election later. [noe] NEXT

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