Ahok Reclamation Precisely to Help Fishermen

Ahok Reclamation Precisely to Help Fishermen

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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama assess the reclamation that will be done precisely to help fishermen. This is to comment on the fishermen's lawsuit regarding reclamation which began to be heard in the State Administrative Court (PTUN) today.

"This reclamation is precisely to help the fishermen to have better water, if the water is polluted, it is reclaimed, so if the reclamation claimed it is also funny to know baseball," said Ahok, Basuki greeting at City Hall, Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan, 15/10/2015).

Ahok said there is nothing wrong with doing reclamation. Therefore, many countries are doing reclamation such as the Netherlands, Singapore, and Dubai.

Ahok said in addition to improving water quality, reclamation is also done for the sake of human life. (Read: DPRD: Jakarta Bay Reclamation Threatens National Security)

He considers that reclamation can protect Jakarta from the effects of global warming. Due to global warming, water levels will increase.

By increasing the number of land, there will be a barrier to the entry of water into the mainland of Jakarta. In fact, Ahok also said if the reclamation is not done, Jakarta will sink another 10 years.

"If you are 10 years old want to continue (reclamation), it will be tenggelem.It has made the film the same as the Dutch, 10 years will be tenggelem including my house, 40 percent can be Monas because of global warming effect," he said.

Basuki has previously issued a license to carry out the reclamation of Pluit City as stipulated in the Decree of the Governor of DKI Jakarta Province No. 2238 of 2014 dated 23 December 2014 concerning the Granting of Permit for the Implementation of Island G Reclamation to PT Muara Wisesa Samudra. (Read: Board of Not Wanted Developers Reclamation Project Pay Only Fines Rp 50 Million)

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