Ahok Was Added To The Powerful Buses Of Domestic Production

Ahok Was Added To The Powerful Buses Of Domestic Production

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta – A total of 2 white electric buses are parked in the courtyard of City Hall, Jakarta. The electric buses produced by PT Sarimas Ahmadi Pratama will be introduced to the Governor of Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok.

"We want to introduce the latest products with new and modern technology, I am sure many benefits for transportation in Jakarta," said CEO of PT Sarimas Ahmadi Pratama, Dasep Ahmadi in Jakarta, Thursday (15/1/2015).

He said the electric-powered bus is not only pollution free, but also energy efficient. By charging 250 kilowatts of electricity for 2 hours, he continued, the bus can travel as far as 250 kilometers.

Meanwhile, he continued, fast replenish stun fast only takes about 30 minutes that can be used to travel about 100 kilometers.

In addition, according to Dasep, when passing the climb, the bus takes electrical energy from the battery. While when the streets down, power is then stored again in the battery. Likewise when the bus braked.

"No emissions, easy maintenance, machine from America, engine endurance (machine) guarantee for more than 15 years We research 3 years development," explained Dasep.

Large buses can have a capacity of 60 people with a price range of Rp 2-3 billion. While the bus is able to accommodate 40 people whose price ranges from Rp 900-1,5 billion.

Electricity Filling Station (SPBL) will also be provided. And pass charging for charging power for 1 hour with solar powered generator.

"But we have a bit of trouble, weighing more than ordinary cars because of the added weight of the battery, we try to lower that weight," Dasep said.

He hoped, local governments, especially the city government can use the bus production company. Because, although the machine is still imported from the United States, but the whole production is purely design PT Sarimas Ahmadi.

Dasep added, he already communicate Governor Ahok and get a positive response. For that, it is trying to put it into the e-catalog. Due to procurement in Jakarta Provincial Government currently using Government Procurement Institution (LKPP) system. It's just no certainty whether Ahok will buy the product or not."The Governor said it is good, he appreciates the development of this electrical technology, if it is effective to use immediately E-catalog we will try to have the permission to the Ministry of Transportation We can test the feasibility so that it can be used as public transport," Dasep said. (Ndy / Sss)

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