Airplants Creations, Modern Interior Decorating Plants Do not Use Ribet. You Can Also Make It Yourself

Airplants Creations, ModernIn modern times like today, lifestyle people, especially in big cities demands everything to be practical, not least in terms of arranging the house. For urban areas that are generally far from the natural environment, sometimes there is a longing to get closer to nature because of the tendency of the existence of plants that can provide benefits to the physical and psychological human.

But there are often reasons we are reluctant to keep the plants, either because of the care and maintenance of the plants that require extra attention, or because of the lack of space to do so because of inadequate residence, for example: for people living in apartments.

However, it is not impossible for us who want to have the impression of green room with the presence of plants in space, because there are several types of plants that can decorate our homes with minimal care.

Airplants Are Practical Decorating Plants With Many Benefits:

– This plant does not need the land to live so there is no need to provide space for the soil mainly because of the indoor soil is more risky to contaminate the room.

– Treatment is less than the general plant.

– Airplants generally do not attract pests and do not get sick easily during proper and regular maintenance.

– Another advantage of maintaining these aiplants is because they help clear air from dust particles that can interfere with health because airplants take nutrients from the air.

– As decoration Interior minimalist aiplants have the impression of modern herbs and also these airplants are very flexible because it can be put on anything.

Mini Plant Care This One Is So Easy!

Although airplants can live without the media however, these plants still require little attention in order to always live healthy and fresh. Here are tips on airplant treatments:1. Watering

Watering is important for the airplant, if the plant looks shrunken or curved it means the airplant needs water. Watering is done by spraying using spray or soak it in a bowl of water for 10-20 minutes.

2. Lighting

Lighting is done indirectly by sunlight, airplant is placed in the area close to the window. However, if not possible then can use the lights for 8-14 hours a day. Practical, is not it?

3. Fertilization

Fertilization for plant airplants should not be done however, it would be better if the airplant remains fertilized to provide more nutrients for the airplant. This fertilization can be done mainly during the fertilization phase that occurs once a month where the need for airplant for nutrients is higher. Fertilizer used is a special fertilizer airplant, can also use general fertilizer but the dose needs to be consulted with a fertilizer expert or airplant distributor.

In addition to the various advantages and practicality it has, this tiny plant allows us to be creative in decorating the house in various ways. Here are some tips on decorating the room with Tillandsia.

1. Create a Unique Display

Airplants Display Ideas via

Do not hesitate to be creative with airplants, you can take advantage of various materials around the house to expose this unique plant. Currently, airplants are available in different types, colors, shapes, and sizes. By mengkomposisikannya, then this plant can make the interior of your home more interesting.

2. Aerium TillandsiaAerium Tillandsia via

In contrast to terrariums that require soil in its arrangement, Tillandsia does not need soil we can arrange it in the form of aerium. Aerium can be applied in many ways, ranging from hanging by using a holder or just by arranged spread on your desk.

3. Using Tillandsia as Center Piece

Tillandsia as Center Piece via

One of the advantages of airplants as decoration is because the airplants are available in various sizes and shapes so that laying it as decoration is also flexible, for large space displays can be placed large airplants, but if space is limited then we can utilize the decoration airplants with small size.

4. Feature Wall using Tillandsia

Airplant Frame via

This idea is suitable if we want to see Tillandsia on 1 wall at once so we can enjoy view our Tillandsia collection at once in 1 area in the house. In addition, treatment becomes more practical because the plant is placed in 1 particular place. Noteworthy is the selection of place putting the frame to be placed in an area that is easy to reach the sun.

5. Hang Tillandsia

Airplants Display Ideas via

One of the most popular ways of decorating a house with Tillandsia is by hanging it. You can create partition walls that look light and "green" by using airplants that are hung with wire. These airplants can also be hung using a variety of holder to your liking.How? Unique is not it? Not only is it easy to care, but many decorating ideas can be applied when decorating your home with airplants. Price airplants are quite affordable and the price range in the market starts from 20 thousand rupiah to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on size, scarcity, and type.

In addition to sweetening the interior of your room Tillandsia can also help filter the air and give a green visual appearance. For those who have a modern interior with limited space, tillandsia can be an alternative to your decoration choice because of its flexibility in laying and size and can be modified according to your wishes.

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