Al Gore, Film and Climate Crisis

Al Gore, Film and Climate Crisis

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Last night, with my friends Blogger got a special invitation to watch one of Paramount Pictures Documentary film titled "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power" at XXI Epicentrum, Jakarta, Monday (8/21/2017). When you first see a braodcast invitation in one of the FB groups, there is a familiar name. I still know him really? But unfortunately, He does not necessarily know me, hehehe, yes .. he is Al Gore, Former Vice President of the United States who ever won the Nobel. As what is he in this movie, read on guys?

Frankly I do not really understand if you do not want to say do not care about the issue of climate change or global warming. probably because it is not sexy than the Global Terrorist issue, ISIS. But it only took a night, my attitude changed 180 degrees when I watch this movie Al Gore. Demanding me, this film provides enlightenment about the crisis that is, again and will threaten the world, namely the Global Warming effect (Global Warming Effect).

The documentary by Paramount Picture "Truth to Power" is a sequel to the movie "An Inconvenient Truth (2006), it is said that this latest movie is different from the first because I have not watched the first." It is said that this second movie not only sells 'problem but can provide a real solution that can be used to reduce the rate of global warming.

After sunset, dozens of spectators have boomed to meet the main Hall area XXI Epiwalk. Some people are seen queuing up tickets in front of the counter, some others are busy taking pictures in front of the poster stand. There are two studios provided for nobar.

at about 7 pm over fifteen minutes, one by one the audience began to enter the studio. Waiting for a few minutes, MC came to the event and invited Amanda Katili Niode, Manager of Climate Reality Project Indonesia to give her speech. in his speech, Amanda gives a little picture of what is Climate Reality Project Indonesia.

The objective of the Climate Reality Project Indonesia is to organize a group of friends and networks, and to ask them (to help) convince all, that the climate crisis is an issue that must be considered now and in the future, "wrote Amanda in a release distributed to the audience .

Climate Reality Project Indonesia is one of the world's non-profit organizations founded by Al Gore. This organization has branches in many countries of the world. Together with Amanda, also present Dr. Kartini Sjahrir, Pembina Climate Reality Project Indonesia. There are 300 Climate Leaders in Indonesia, people who have attended training held by Al Gore abroad. Currently more than 2000 volunteers have been trained in technical, leadership, and communication by Climate Leaders.

After the speech, the movie began airing. For almost an hour more sitting and enjoying every 200 visual moments in this movie, I drew the red thread of the message to be conveyed in this film, among others, The main cause of the Climate crisis is the massive use of fossil fuels in the world. The impact is the earth's air / atmosphere filled with carbon dioxide (fuel pollutants) resulting in a greenhouse effect (global warming). Global warming or drastic climate change resulted in icebergs gradually beginning to melt and enter the ocean. The warm and rising sea arc leads to a chain effect of disasters around the world, such as floods, storms, landslides, forest fires, droughts and disease outbreaks. Probably many do not know including me, if in the year 2016 happened Typhoon Storm that hit Vietnam and Philippines, one of direct result from global warming.

In this film too, Al Gore wanted to provide a systematic, systematic picture of the Climate Crisis and its impact on the earth. The dancing ,, Al Gore not only show the problem (pessimism), but also provide solutions (optimism) overcome the crisis, This is what distinguishes the first film.

Watching this movie, for me is not just entertainment but inspiration that can give a little knowledge about Climate Change and its effects for the earth. In the past, I just fainted to hear the word Global Warming, just to know casually, unlike other world issues such as ISIS Terrorists who can be viral and can suck the attention of the world, the issue of Global Warming is only a issue of 'beans' in the world's major media, is it deliberately made like that or not? You know, I have never seen a public service advertisement related to climate crisis.

With this documentary showing, I know more about Climate Crisis issues and their devastating effects on the earth. although it must be admitted, does not stop at the point of consciousness only after watching, but it takes a real step starting from yourself starting from the smallest scope first.What Climate Reality Prject Indonesia is doing by initiating this documentary screening I think is positive to give awareness together to raise the support of struggling to save the earth from the danger of climate change.

One more, Al Gore in the movie looks no longer young, his hair has turned white all the same yet, his spirits are still burning fight for a better earth. It takes another Al Gore-Al Gore.

As he puts it in the film, the impulse to care for the earth is "moral, ethical and spiritual." On the one hand, He implies pessimism because of the daunting challenge faced by the Capital Owners and the politicians in their struggle, for example, coming from the Uncle Sam's number one, Donald Trump, Donald intends to tackle the Paris deal agreed upon by developed and developing countries on Climate Change, but on the other hand, Al Gore brings optimism by continuing to engage his ranks and sympathizers around the world to fight and fight for a better world.

So, Let's take care of this earth at least starting from the self, starting from the smallest and starting right now because the earth is our home. So …

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