Al Gore urges Japanese businessmen to prevent global warming

Al Gore urges Japanese businessmen to prevent global warming

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Former US Vice President Al Gore has urged Japanese business leaders Monday to lead global warming prevention because of his expertise in energy efficiency.

"Our planet is now 'feverish' and this is not going well," Gore told 400 or so business executives in Tokyo at the Japan Business Federation building, the most influential business lobby in the country.

"It is time for the world community to tackle this climate crisis, it's not a political issue, it's a moral issue," he said.

Gore, in Japan to promote his documentary AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, said Japanese companies are known worldwide for taking an important role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, actively approving new technologies and introducing new levels of unfamiliar efficiency elsewhere until it approved here.

"Japanese business leaders can lead this way and lead the world's business community," Gore said in front of executives including Fujio Mitarai, chairman of the federation and head of Canon Inc., Nippon Steel Corp. President Akio Mimura and head of Sanyo Electric Co., Tomoyo Nonaka.

"Your determination to be part of the solution can be the key to a world that successfully solves this crisis," he said.

Gore says the United States, which did not ratify the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, an international pact aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, seeks closer to the 'main points' for policy change.

Gore said the change in Washington's most front policy requires real change among US business leaders.

In this regard, he believes the Japanese business circle has a big role to act as they might have a strong influence in shaping the opinion of the US business community.

Gore called on members of the federation, also known as Nippon Keidanren, to send to their US colleagues a powerful message exploring effective practices to reduce global warming as well as a good business opportunity.

Gore, who was defeated in George W. Bush's 2000 presidential election, also warned of possible serious consequences in the near future, such as surface increases due to the loss of Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, if the world's people do not act immediately."We must throw away the delusion that keeps us from seeing the reality of our circumstances," he said. (* /

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