Alleged Reforestation Fund Corruption, Katingan Regent Reported to KPK

Alleged Reforestation Fund

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Katingan Regent, Central Kalimantan (Kalteng) Ahmad Yantenglie was reported to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) for allegedly bidding for a Rp 14 billion bidding for the 2009 Reforestation Fund Rehabilitation Fund (DBH-DR). The case was reported by technical personnel of seed assessment from the Katingan Forest Service, Kariano and Pancaria.

"We have reported it to the KPK," said attorney of the reporter, Widodo through a written message received in Jakarta, Friday (07/26/2013)

Widodo incorporated in Ihza & Ihza Law Firm explains the alleged existence of KKN, Yantenglie started from the Annual Plan project held by the Forestry Service of Katingan. The Forest Service submits auction to the Katingan District ULP (Contracting Consultant) procurement service unit to hold an RTN auction.

"Then the consultant started working or went down to the field looking for suitable land for reforestation area, the cost was taken from Central APBN which then given to APBD of Katingan Regency for reforestation making," explained Widodo.

Auction of workmanship 17 packages was held, Katingan District Working Group began to select companies that really have a professional qualification that can work on reforestation packages. But it turns out that the selected companies according to the technical assessment team of seeds none of which qualify.

"From the results of auction selection of reforestation packages, the committee announces the winner of 14 packages." There are 8 packages that are denied by the companies that are deceased in the selection and the 6 winning packages are not refuted, "Widodo added.

Money Appeal

The company which denies that 8 packages then appealed to the Regent of Katingan by paying the deposit with the condition that if the result of the appeal was won the security deposit was returned to the appeal. If the company loses the appeal then the money is deposited to the local treasury of Katingan Regency.

"In fact, the 8 companies also never returned the appeal bail and even brought the issue through the lobby to win them as determined by the Construction Working Committee," Widodo explained.

Therefore, he added his client, Kariano reported the fraud to the Head of Forestry Service of Katingan District, Hap Beperdo. Kariano also expose the Inspectorate Team to conduct an improper examination or justify any means so that the checks are manipulated.

"In addition there kongkalingkong between partners with unscrupulous personnel in the Office of Forestry Katingan and Katingan District government dredge private profits to enrich themselves and greatly harm the state finances," Widodo supplement.Pilkada Fund

Widodo added that the partner company made a profit without conducting project activities in the field and suspected the use of DBH-DR Project Fund Year 2009 Continued, for money politics in the second round election on June 13, 2013. Considering, 10 days before the election of some project fund DBH-DR 2009 continued, conspired to raise funds to win the pair of Bacalon number 2 in the General Election of Katingan Regency, Akhmad Yantenglie-Sakariyas.

"After further examination some of the partners have a familial relationship and some of the partners joined the successful bacalon bupati team from number 2 Pilbup Katingan," said Widodo. (Adi)

Widodo hopes that KPK will immediately reveal its client's report. "We hope the KPK Investigation Team can help reveal the corruption," he added.

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