Almost Every Week Smuggling of Ornamental Plants Happens

Almost Every Week Smuggling of Ornamental Plants Happens

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Class Soekarno-Hatta Class Plant Quarantine almost every week found the act of smuggling of ornamental plants from Thailand to Indonesia through Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

Head of Soekarno-Hatta Class I Plant Office Soekarno-Hatta, Heru Wahyupraja in Jakarta, Friday stated that the smuggled ornamental plant species generally have high prices in the market such as anthurium which is currently in popular society.

"In general, smuggling is done in the early hours of Saturday or Sunday weekends," he said on the sidelines of the coordination meeting of public relations at Soekarno-Hatta Airport Agricultural Quarantine Bed.

To fool officers, he added, the smugglers perform the action by entering the ornamental plant into a suitcase bag so it looks like a normal luggage.

According to him, ornamental plants from Thailand that entered into Indonesia without the permission letter of income from the Minister of Agriculture so that after inspection it gives 14 days to the party who brought to complete it with the document.

"But if within 14 days they can not complete with the required documents it will be destroyed," he said.

Without mentioning the exact number, Wahyu added, apart from Thailand ornamental plants smuggled to Indonesia are also found from Brunei Darussalam.

The man, who has just been in office for a month, said the smuggling of ornamental plants from outside to Indonesia was mostly done via aircraft from Air Asia.

"In the past, Air Asia had no provision to bring the crops into the plane, but after examining many commodities were found," he said.

Apart from Soekarno-Hatta Airport, according to him, smuggling of ornamental plants through the airport is also commonly found in North Sumatra and Solo Central Java.

He said, Tuesday next week it will do the destruction of ornamental plants and the seed of the mustard which is illegally entered into Indonesia. (kpl / dar)

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