American Charms As The Most Funny Country

American Charms As The Most Funny Country

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United States As if it has become the most super power state number one. So that by all means the United States continues to try to be the leader of various countries in the world, although many are opposed to the existence of the leadership of the United States, but the United States of America by all means turn a blind eye to the opposition from various parts of the world over his leadership.

The United States continues to be the leader of various parts of the world. Even united American policy is sometimes a bit silly, how not? The United States has thousands of nuclear weapons, but it prohibits Iran from making nuclear weapons. Departing from this point of reference to the leadership of the United States of America is limited to mere lipstick, but it does not provide a good role model. Because if the United States indeed prohibits other countries have nuclear weapons, it would be fitting for Americans to provide the role model first. That the United States is free of nuclear weapons.

Iran's case on nuclear weapons can be a spectacle of world-wide jokes. That the United States is like a child who wants to win alone. Because the Iranian nation is banned from building nuclear weapons, while the United States has thousands of undeniable nuclear weapons. Again, from this can be taken an analysis of the United States of America in taking a policy, it turns out the United States is only one-sided in taking a policy, look from the other side.

Actually, if the United States of America is in good faith in establishing an inter-state peace in the world, it must be good for the first time as a country that upholds peace, but if the United States instead of pressing the political opponents of a country that is not one-sided, as well as the leaders of themselves and their allies, but not the leaders of the country as a whole in the world.

Most funny the United States formed a UN organization as a way of suppressing political opponents. In fact, not infrequently the United Nations seen only limited to the United States doll with a myriad of regulations in accordance with US policy. Departing from here can be seen on the issue of handling cases of US military aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many countries are affected by the woes of the United Nations terms formed United States and its allies.

Indonesia also did not escape from the UN slap in facing Malaysia in the case of Sipadan and Ligitan islands, at that time Indonesia lost in establishing political diplomacy in defending the two islands. Because the International Court of Justice won Malaysia in the seizure of Sipadan and Ligitan islands.

American-style jokes playing jokes in the Indonesian state are not just Sipadan and Ligitan's problems, but the case of East Timor with the term referendum, whereas the referendum formed by the United States and its allies is no more than a mere sweetener. Because the substance of the United States wants to split the country of Indonesia as a small country small in Southeast Asia. So Indonesia became an inferior and powerless country in the face of a more funny laughs of the United States again.

Departure from the above analysis, Indonesia should be more vigilant than the United States joke in taking a policy unilaterally. Because if not careful the Indonesian state could be a simalaka fruit in dealing with various problems at home and abroad, of course the problem is ready to be consumption of American slapper Ambalat case, Papua and various other problems, all cases in the country and outside the country is ready to deliver the chaos of Indonesia caused by American-style slapstick.

Watch out, This is the best way, if at any time the United States with a myriad of joke maneuvers. Because it does not rule out the United States able to take over full control of the state of Indonesia. So that destroys the integrity of NKRI and destructive in various aspects of Indonesian life.

United States policy in handling the case problem in the world is not far only a play in winning self and its allies, but ignoring from the other side. Even the United States diplomacy building is so visible lies filled with jokes like a child who wants to win alone.

United Nations Organization as the funniest tool formed by the United States with the aim of fighting against a country that disagrees with the interests of the United States and its allies. So, if the countries in the world that disagree with the idea of ??the United States are always given a red value, both the case of human rights and more bitter case problems again. Because they dare to oppose the American-style slapstick with a myriad of jokes.From the above article can dikerucut. That the United States can be categorized as the world's funest country with a myriad of unilateral policies, but oddly behind the unilateral policies of the United States sometimes looks beautiful and comfortable. Even more ironic again looks peaceful, but it's all just a US-style joke, certainly in dealing with the problem of cases in the world that are full of deceit and misleading jokes. Hopefully the United States may soon realize as the funniest country in the world with a myriad of UN-style cuffs in White Washington, DC, Amiin ……

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