American domination at the United Nations (UN)

American domination at the United Nations (UN)

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Talking about a country called America is endless, especially when it comes to its double-standard foreign policy and somehow it seems that America wants to always be involved in international issues as long as it benefits the country. Therefore, I am interested in trying to look at American membership at the UN with the question Why does America have such a great power / dominance in the UN?

1.As the largest contributor of funds.

America is the largest contributor to the UN fund of 25%. While developing countries average only 0.01%. Whereas the UN has no other source of funds other than donations from member countries. The magnitude of this contribution contributed in composing the perception of America as a dominant major state in the UN.

2.With its Veto power America can veto any decision of the Security Council that harms its interests.

For example if in the case of US violations against Iraq, the UN responded by imposing sanctions on him, this is the same thing impossible. America will clearly veto it, a resolution plan on sanctions will not be a Security Council resolution decision.

How many UN member states agree to be sanctioned, Security Council sanctions resolutions until when [un will not materialize in the UN. Even if sanctions are imposed what if able to subdue America to comply with the sanctions? Economic sanctions? I think it does not matter to America as a big country, it will be very harmful to many countries including ASEAN countries, where America became ASEAN's second largest trading partner after Japan.

3.As the Supreme State.

The end of the Cold War with America as the winner, making America the single most dominant force in the world, even the world police. This position clearly gives America an opportunity to act on its own interests.

We can see what America did after the attack on Iraq. Iraq after it was paralyzed, the US has drawn up its own reconstruction plan, without the Security Council. There is a role playback player and function. The United Nations should play a dominant role in handling Iraq's invasion and US reconstruction as a member of the United Nations should perform its duties and functions on the basis of the Security Council's recommendations.

The situation is reversed, it is America who determines the function and role of the UN in post-invasion Iraq reconstruction. It is stated that the United Nations can only deal with humanitarian matters only, while the political issues that deal with are Americans. The UN can not do anything about it, the UN is very weak and fails to act as a peacemaker.

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