American support for Israeli Nuclear

American support for Israeli Nuclear

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The United States never wanted to tolerate any country to develop itself into a nuclear power. This political attitude does not apply to Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres is one of the promoters to make Israel a nuclear power outside the existing nuclear club. The goal is to make the nuclear power in his hands as a deterrent force against his opposing countries in the Middle East, although it is unlikely that Israel will be happy to use it.

Plans to build Israel's nuclear power have begun since 1955, but the US intelligence agency pretended not to know and seemed to have kissed the plan about three years later. The building complex erected in the town of Dimona, in the Negev desert, is already suspected by US intelligence agencies as a major nuclear facility, according to Avner Cohen in his book Israel and the Bomb.

The idea to develop Israel's nuclear stems from its alliance with France in 1955, seven years after the birth of the country, which agreed to provide the advanced technological assistance needed by Israel. The Dimona nuclear project was built in 1958, declared a metallurgical factory, and sometimes also referred to as a textile mill. The Dimona project became public knowledge in December 1960.

On that basis President Kennedy forced Israel to allow two US scientists to examine the reactor, as he wanted to ensure the reactor was developed for peaceful purposes only, and not related to nuclear weapons development.

Israel has never admitted possessing nuclear weapons, unless it states that Israel will never be the first country to use it in the region. But Western intelligence agencies report and feel confident that Israel has developed itself to be the only nuclear country in the Middle East.

According to Avner Cohen, Israel has had operational nuclear capabilities since before the Six-Day War in June 1967. On the eve of the outbreak of war, Israel made improvisations that produced two warheads that could soon be used. The fact was confirmed by the statement of Myer Feldman, deputy security adviser at the White House both during Kennedy and Johnson's reign. Some people in the intelligence community of the United States have known, or at least acquiesced, that Israel has mastered the material and components to make at least two nuclear bombs.

In 1963 president John Kennedy, the first US Catholic president, asked about the Dimona reactor, and with a letter dated May 18, 1963 he told the then Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion that relations with Israel would be greatly disrupted if America Unions are not given correct information about Israel's nuclear program.

The Kennedy president's remarks made Israeli officials very angry. President Kennedy demonstrated an attitude which they deemed disagreeing with Israel's nuclear project. In 1963, President Kennedy in a secret National Security Memorand ordered the foreign and defense departments of the CIA and the Atomic Energy Commission to improve observations by US intelligence on Israel's nuclear program and to direct inspection of Dimona . The Israeli government can not receive President Kennedy's letter of mail and Kennedy's will to oversee the nuclear project at Dimona.

Due to a conflict of interest with President Kennedy, Israel feels the need to remove any obstacles to their nuclear projects. Mossad is suspected of involvement in the murder of President Kennedy in 1963 as well. The murder was so neatly committed that it caused controversy. The accused killer was a former US marine member named Oswald, who by the United States own press is doubtful.

He was accused of being paid by the Soviet Union for the murder. The background and motive about the murder was dark when Oswald was killed by a Jew, when he was about to enter the courtroom. The oddity was that Oswalg's murder had escaped the surveillance of the security forces, so he could fire Oswald from close range. The killer himself was later killed by the police. To find out who is responsible for the murder of President Kennedy, a Warren Commission was formed by the United States Senate. But until now the findings of the Warren Commission remain unannounced to the public.

The inspection of new stages can be carried out by the US nuclear inspectorsIn the 1970s between President Richard Nixon and Prime Minister Golda Meir an agreement was reached, in which the United States was expected to view the issue from another perspective as long as Israel maintained a low profile and maintained its policy not to become the first country in the region to use nuclear weapons. The deal is valid until now, the United States turns a blind eye and lets Israel develop its policy of terrorizing the surrounding Arab states with its nuclear weapons.

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